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BirthdayBoy wants best L.A. Churrascarria

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My nephew will be celebrating his birthday and the family wants to treat him right. He's hankering for Brazilian Churrascarria. Fogo de Chao is fine, but he's hoping to find something even more authentic. Does anybody have a favorite?

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  1. Gauchos Village in Glendale. The meats are delicious, lots of sides, and loads of fun--on weekends they have a band (sometimes a little too loud), dancers, plus some people get up to dance and everyone just has a blast.

    1. gaucho's is decent, i'm not sure it's as authentic (their selection of meats is pretty small)
      Greenfield is pretty good too, but not as nice, and bit far away.

      1. I'd go with Gauchos Village myself. Picanha in Burbank isn't bad, but it's much saltier, more expensive, and harder to get round. But those pao de queijo... *salivate*

        1. Gauchos...it is so dark in there at dinner time, difficult to see the food. Bring your own candle!
          Otherwise, I like it :)


          1. Fogo is pretty darn authentic, given that it's a chain that started in brazil...
            that being said, i'm a fan of Amazon BBQ in fullerton (probably out of your way). meat was great, best Costela (beef ribs) i've ever had at a churrascaria, and my 2 brazilian friends were chatting up several of the servers in portugese.
            stay away from greenfield (everything tastes exactly the same and is way too salty).
            picanha has good meat, but very little variety.

            1. If this is a consideration, I have a friend who has worked at both Gaucho's Village and Picanha, and says that workers at Gaucho's are treated extremely poorly, while the owner of Picanha treats his employees with respect. No need to support a nasty businessman-- so while both may serve tasty food, I vote, heavily, for Picanha.

              1. Not sure where you're at or how large your party is, but By Brazil on Cabrillo in Torrance is run by a brother-sister team from Brazil. It doesn't get huge crowds so perfect for a large party - they've accommodated me more than once. Closer to home, I prefer Picanha over Gaucho's, especially for the selection on weekends.

                1. I've been to Picanha and Gaucho's Village and Picanha is the best by far. While Gaucho's is good and we had friendly service, the meat is more flavorful and tender at Picanha, and Picanha has a bigger and better salad bar and buffet, which includes excellent garlic mashed potatoes.