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Jan 25, 2007 11:38 AM

Where to eat in Venice?

Any suggestions? We will be there for a week at the beginning of Feb.

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  1. We were in Venice mid-January, had a fabulous dinner at the Crows Nest. It's right on the water, but our view wasn't too good because they had fog this particular evening. Great bar downstairs where we waited for about 15 minutes on a weeknight. Very good food, a little pricey but worth it. I've heard good things about Sharkys on the Pier, but haven't been myself. I think it's more casual. Crows Nest does have a website, if you do a search for it you should be able to find menu, wine list, etc.

    1. Lot of talk about marker 4 but have not been there.Often visit my father in Venice and I/we like Crow's nest.I just love Luna's,great big portons.Sharkes is pretty good if you eat inside.A bbq place on 41 business was pretty good also.A place called "pops" bar had some good food also.Look around and get some info.Try Saltwater Cafe on 41 can't go wrong there.

      1. The Crows Nest, Saltwater Cafe and Gold Rush Barbecue are all Great!!

        Stay away from Sharkey's, overpriced and very very greasy.

        1. We were in Venice, Florida last week and were told to go to Cafe Luna. We eat out 150+ nights a years. This was undoubtedly the worst meal we have evr been presented with. No way was in edible. It was the veal francias. maybe the pizza were ok.

          1. The two top restaurants in Venice are Sharkys and Crows Nest. I do not recommend Marker 4. It has a great atmosphere, but their food has deteriorated. They use to have a lot of Grouper on their menu and have replaced ALL Grouper with the less expensive Cod and the price for their Cod is right up there where Grouper would be. They also state on their menu that "Cod Tastes as Good as Grouper". Never in a million years! They have a very small menu and the majority of the food is fried. Their view and servers are great. So, if you like a small menu with a lot of fried food and Cod, by all means visit their restaurant. If you want the best, hit the Crows Nest, but Sharkys is right on the ocean, wheras the Crows Nest is on the Intercoastal, close to the ocean.