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Bogg's Cranberry Liquor?

Anyone know where I can buy Bogg's Cranberry Liquor in the Greater Boston area.
I can't seem to find any north of the city.

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  1. My mom used to like that stuff, but it was discontinued by producer Heublein several years ago. There's another 25-proof cranberry liqueur I get her instead, called Black Duck, which isn't hard to find at the big-selection liquor stores around. They even upgraded the packaging with one of those painted-on logos on the back that you can see through the bottle, a la Grey Goose. The old packaging was kind of cheesy.

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      Thank you Sir,
      Funny thing is my mother must have just polished off her last bottle of Bogg's. I'll look for the Black Duck but I know it's going to be a hard sell for me on my mom, I just know it.

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        Late addition, I know, but better late than never. Appreciate the info. I'm curious, tho...how does it stack up to the original?

      2. I know its been since 1997, but I found a bottle of "Boggs Canberry Liqueur" while packing to move. 20% alc , 40 proof and 25.4 flozs. The seal is broken but it does not look like it has been oppened.

        1. This year I've enjoyed the Oregon cranberry liqueur from Clear Creek - picked it up at the Wine Emporium in Boston South End.

          1. Has anyone tried making their own? I know that good old Martha Stewart has a simple recipe that just involves vodka, sugar, & fresh cranberries.

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              yes - tried versions with cooked and fresh cranberries a few years ago. IIRC I preferred the cooked cranberry one.

            2. That was the first bottle of alcohol I bought when I turned 18 in 1979.......unfortunate that is was discontinued, but thanks hounds for the recs on newer versions!

              1. they stopped making it many years years ago?wish they sold the receipe and patent to another company? For I always had at least two bottles in my home all the time,friends always brought me bottles,loved stuff,,so sorry they sold out,and didn't keep making it?

                1. Leopold Bros. are making a cranberry liqueur now, which I imagine would be good: http://www.leopoldbros.com/New_site/N... Have not seen it retailed locally. I've gotten other Leopold Bros. products at Liquor World in Porter Square, so that might be a place to call.


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                    This really is unbelievable but I found this unopened bottle this past week cleaning out some rooms in my moms house.

                    It's got to be 30 plus years old I would imagine.

                    Do you think it's any good still?

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                      Lucky duck.......Only one way to find out!!! :0

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                        Please report back with your findings!

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                          If it's unopened, that's good. If it was in a room with a lot of temperature variation, that's bad. If it was in the box and protected from light, that's good. The fact that it's relatively low proof is bad. If it doesn't appear to have lost any volume (via evaporation through the seal), that's good.

                          I'd wager that if it hasn't been opened, it's probably fine.


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                            Would you be willing to sell it? I actually like the "juice", lol, but really would be happy with the empty bottle ! If so, please call me at 586-983-8112. Take care.

                          1. My fiance and I have a bottle on the shelf