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Jan 25, 2007 11:08 AM

Best tofu house in San Diego

What's the best place to get that Korean delicious spicy soup with tofu and stuff?
They usually serve this with little dishes too.


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  1. I am no expert, but Tofu House on Convoy (next to O'Brian's pub/bar and across the street from Chopstix) is good. There is another Tofu House on Convoy, south of Balboa on the east side of the street which is also good. The first one has more varieties of tofu soups. I think the broth in the 2nd one has more flavor.

    Buga Korean BBQ also has tofu soups on their menu.

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      Buga or Tofu House are where I'd suggest trying as well.

    2. I have always liked the Balboa Tofu House (4646 Convoy, next to O'Brian's) because you can get various combinations of items in the soup, such as pork, oysters, pollack roe, mushrooms (some of my favorites). I believe they even have vegetarian stock as an option also. While I haven't tried the soup at Buga, most full-menu Korean restaurants will make the tofu soup with only one set of add-ons. I still remember years ago being with a friend at Korea House (yeh, I know, big mistake, but I was new to SD then) and she ordered the tofu soup which the menu described as tofu & veggies in a spicy broth. Imagine her chagrin when she found that the veggies included bits of pork and baby shrimp.


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        re: Korea House--thank goodness we have Buga (and the defunct Boo Cho) now!