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Jan 25, 2007 11:02 AM

Moroccan/Middle Eastern Food in Philly?

Will be in Philly and am looking for a Moraccan/Middle Eastern restaurant.

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  1. Alyan's is pretty good, it's middle eastern, on 4th St. half a block south of South St. BYO, dirt cheap, and they make excellent falafel. There are a pair of Moroccan places within a couple blocks of there, Fez and Marrakesh.

    1. I was just at Marrakesh last weekend and I would recommend it. They do a prix fixe dinner, and we got the spicy chicken with cumin(amazing!!) and a lamb w/ honey and almond as our two main courses. Chicken was amazing, we can't stop talking about it, the lamb was pretty good, but took some getting use to the honey and meat pairing. We all also really liked the couscous (I was never a couscous fan until that night). The appetizer courses were fine, not horrible but nothing to get excited about either. Baklava was also very good. We were a party of 3 and shared everything from the main plate, and the portions were hearty. Also, since it's Moroccan family style, you probably don't want to go there with someone who is sick/ you're not too close with since you're eating from the same plate with your hands/bread. It was a great value too---the bill came to around $90, and it's a BYOB so drinks were free. Lastly, I wasn't so into the decor--I thought it looked a little worn--but friends thought it was fun bc the restaurant is very heavily decorated in middle-eastern themed.

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        I believe they also have belly-dancers there sometimes, though I may be thinking of Fez.

      2. Cedars, on 2nd just below South, is pretty good.