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Jan 25, 2007 11:01 AM

Brie snacking....

I have a whole wheel and a wedge of brie and the family's coming to visit this weekend. I like to keep snacks and such out since they like to "graze." Anyone have any favorite hot/cold recipes or ideas other than simply plating it with crackers and charcuterie items? Thanks!

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  1. Here's my fall back for a brie that needs a little help. Slice off the top rind and top with a handmade tapenade. If you haven't made tapendate, recipes are easily available. I find that making it by hand makes a big difference. I include black and green olives, excellent olive oil, capers, lots of orange zest and lemon zest, black pepper, and one anchovy.

    Put this together well before your guests are due and let it sit at room temperature.

    1. Puff pastry in muffin tins, brie, couple of crumbles of blue cheese or gorgonzola, walnuts or almond, drizzle with honey afterwards - divine!

      I typically cook the pastry first then just heat up with the brie, blue cheese and nuts for a minute to melt it

      1. Not a diet food. I had a delicious hot appetizer at a party a while back. Fried brie sticks! Cut cold brie into sticks, dip in egg, then flour, then deep fry till golden. Serve with berry jam for dipping - our host used lingonberry. These guys don't retain their shape more than a minute or two, but whatever isn't completely gone by then still tastes delicious, albeit looks a bit gloppy.

        1. I love brie with raspberries. There are lots of ways to use this combo

          - brie on a cracker topped with one whole raspberry.
          - baked brie with rasperries and almonds or walnuts.
          - mini-wraps with brie, raspberry jam, lettuce and a little bit of raspberry vinaigrette.

          Another great brie snack is mango brie quesadillas - as easy as it sounds, I just add one chopped chili pepper for a little heat and sometimes some carmelized onion. (I have tried this with the raspberries, but no pepper, didn't love it.)

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            2nd the brie mango quesadillas and the raspberry jam/baked brie/almond combo. LOVE brie with fruit!

          2. Oh, i forgot to mention: my mother in law made a wonderful, easy brie recipe and I couldn't believe what she used!

            Wheel of brie
            Whole cranberry relish or jam
            pre-made pie crust (yes pie crust)

            She laid out the pie crust, placed the brie wheel on top, spooned the cranberry relish on top of that then brougth the crust together at the top and baked at 350 until golden.

            I've had tons of brie en croute but never this good and couldn't believe what a different a pre-made pie crust could make!