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Jan 25, 2007 10:13 AM

Porter House.....going there thanks for the warning on STK ....

Ok. who has been to Porter House? I have been to many steak houses in NYC over the years....Sparks, Palm, Benson's, S and W, Wolfgang, Joseph's, Strip House, etc.......How does it compare?

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  1. I was at Porter House last night. If you want a table by the window you have to specifically request it when you reserve.

    I'm a big fan of Sparks strip, and Porter House's didn't compare. My fiance and I each had the strip, and honestly his tasted a little old. Mine was better, and okay, but I would not rush back for the steak. The atmosphere is nice, and it's fun to look at the city from that angle. I thought the wine list was pretty overpriced. VERY few options if you are a cost conscious wine lover.

    In short, I wouldn't go back.

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      Thank you very much......My gut feeling is that you're better off with places you know for a steak. BTW you should try Bobby Van's E 54th St outpost or AJ Maxwell's on 48th betw 5 and 6th, which is run by Lenny, Bobby Van's former manager. Both are excellent.

    2. I was at Porter House last month and posted a review. I don't know how to link it but if you do a search under my name or Porter House, you will see it. The bottom line is it is a terrific space with great views and above average service. The food, however, was just not that good. The porterhouse was exteremely fatty with very little flavor. The side dishes, with the exception of the potato gratin, were forgettable, and it was very expensive. I wanted to love the place but it does not come close to any of the places you mentioned, especially Strip House. Blair & Perrone had a good porter house.