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Jan 25, 2007 10:12 AM

DAL chowhound (Scott) makes news!

Well known Dallas chowhound Scott was the center of an article in today's Dallas Morning News.

Those of us who frequent his blog ( are more than familiar with Scott's essays and unusual takes on food far and wide. His CFS foray was amazing and any restaurant he visits is scrutinized by a sharp eye and educated palate.

Well done Scott!

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  1. Very good recognition for the work Scott has done. Anyone want to chip in and buy Scott some Hershey's for this accomplishment?

    1. Nice job Scott indeed! I will make sure that everyone I know avoids that NoKa trap for Valentine's.

      1. Thanks for the kind words.


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        1. re: Scott

          Thank you for the expose. I laughed through a lot of it - (" ...we'd probably spit it all over the front of our shirts, just like the Spaniards did when they first encountered the concoction.") and was glad for the informative options.

          1. re: soapgirl

            Since it's close to V-day, looks like chocolate is getting coverage all over the place... On this same subject, there is an article about single country/single plantation chocolates in Business Week.


        2. Kudos, Scott. You make the Dallas food scene proud!