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Jan 25, 2007 10:08 AM

Chartreuse Liqueur as ingredient

Yesterday's LA Times food section had a recipe for a Chartreuse souffle. I've never tried Chartreuse, but admit I was made curious reading the piece.

Anyone else have opinions on Chartreuse as flavoring? What's it like? Any good ideas for use in cooking, or is it best to just stick to it as a cordial?

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  1. I love Chartreuse. Try putting a generous slug of it in your next batch of chocolate brownies.

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    1. re: Bob Brooks

      Sounds interesting! Do you use Green Chartreuse or Yellow?

    2. Chartreuse is one of those love it or hate it flavors. I suggest ordering it as a shot at the bar first to see how you like it. Very herbal.

      1. it is an incredibly herbal drink. I think it has like over 50 secret ingredients in it or something. Everytime I drink it I always taste something different too, rosemary, mint, licorice, etc.

        only use the green.

        1. While I love Chartreuse, I had a friend compare it to cough syrup. It definitely packs a punch.

          In recipes, I've used it to make truffles--an excellent combination that intrigues many who can't place the flavor.

          Madeleine Kamman has a recipe for Chartreuse Napoleons, which I mean to try someday.

          1. I started looking online for places to buy it (I'm in Calif.). Lowest price I saw was about $38/bottle (750ml). Does that sound about right? Anyone have favorite online liquor purveyors? (and yes, I will try some at a bar first -- though I'm just assuming very few bars might have it in their selection of liqueurs, right??)