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Jan 25, 2007 10:06 AM

DuPont Circle -- veg eats / D.C.

Looking for a place in or near DuPont Circle for lunch on Sunday (2 of the 3 of us are vegetarian). I'm mulling over the following possibilities and would appreciate any suggestions for which ones to consider or avoid:

Bua Thai
D.C. Cafe
Pizzeria Paradiso
Sala Thai
Straits of Malaya
Thai Kitchen

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Been to a few of those and thought I would add a few more in that are veggie friendly:

    Luna for something focused a bit more american
    Sette for your italian love
    Morton's- ok just checking if you were still reading
    Penang- malaysian as well witha hip atmosphere

    I'd knock out Thaiphoon- it's ok, but never been all that good.

    1. Pizzeria Paradiso is a great choice (good chow, good veggie options). Teaism is good. I've never been to the others, so can't comment on them. i will disagree, however, with jpschust about Penang--I've never heard anything very good about it (admittedly, this is hearsay).

      Oh, and if you go with Pizzeria Paradiso, you should aim to get there early for lunch (are they open for lunch on Sunday?). It fills up.

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        With penang- the roti telur is fantastic (though not vegetarian) and I'd suspect the veggie roti there are just as good; also the buah mango with tofu is stunningly good.

      2. I would put D.C. Cafe towards the bottom of your list. It's more of a dive fast foody type place, and I haven't been there in years but I don't recall the food as being anything special. I don't know if this matters to you but in case you're looking for more of a sit down restaurant where you're served, fyi, at Teaism, you order at the counter and pick up your tray when it's ready.
        I like Pizzeria Paradiso.

        1. I am a veggie and I eat in Dupont almost everySunday afternoon so I will tell it like it is....
          Bua is ok but I have never left all that impressed
          D.C. Cafe is just OK but has limited seating and little to no ambience
          Pizzareia P. is good and even has vegan cheese for their pizzas.
          Sala Thai- I have never been to
          Straits of Malay does not open for lunch on Sundays
          Teaism has good salty oat cookies for dessert
          Thai Kitchen does have veggie options but is not that great
          and the same goes with Thaiphoon
          My recs are pizza at Pizzeria P. or Sette
          or Malaysia Kopitiam. It is at 19 and L.
          Great small veggie menu including this bowl of veggie soup that is huge and delicious.

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          1. re: gooseterp

            Thanks for telling it like it is, gooseterp. I guess the rest of us were just telling it like we think it is. I'm relieved we've got the voice of objective reality here!

          2. Thank you, all, for your helpful responses. There were so many positive rec's for Pizzeria Paradiso that we went there. I don't know that I would have otherwise, so I appreciate the tip! Ordered the bread & elephant garlic appetizer, which was very good. I had the sicilian pizza on wheat crust, which was perfect. I love how thinly many of the toppings are sliced. My partner got the pesto & potato pizza w/ goat cheese, which was surprisingly good. (I've had this kind of thing before to much lesser effect.) My one complaint was that the 'extras' (wheat crust, goat cheese, etc.) were a bit expensive, and I'm not used to paying anything extra at all for wheat crust. That seemed kind of odd to me. But overall, everything was delicious -- I would definitely go again and would recommend it to others.

            Also ate at Jaleo on Saturday post-march and that was also a solid and very yummy experience. Everything ordered was excellent, excepting only the last tapas dish we ordered, which was a chickpea and spinach dish. Nothing wrong in particular, just a bit bland. And the dessert was a bit on the tiny side. The salad was a standout -- we ordered an endive salad w/ oranges & goat cheese that was great. Also stopped by Amma in Georgetown for a late night snack, and enjoyed that as well.