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Jan 25, 2007 10:03 AM

GOOD restaurants serving organic food

I know a lot of places these days say they get their xyz from the local organic abc, but does anyone know of a restaurant that exclusively ( or nearly exclusively) concentrates on local, organic food- not necessarily vegetarian?

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    1. I believe Common Ground in Dorchester serves exclusively organic food. They are in Lower Mills on Dot. Ave...

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      1. re: hiddenboston

        Are they still around; I thought that odd religious community that runs the place had run aground a few years ago.

        1. re: Karl S

          Oh, they are around. Maybe MichaelB will chime in here with recent experiences. :-)

          1. re: yumyum

            Hmm, called out on the Common Ground... *interesting* ;) Anyway, they are still very much in business, although beware their hours -- weekdays only, and they close pretty early (I think at 8 mondays - thursdays; fridays they close mid-afternoon for Sabbath). Hidden may be right that they're exclusively organic; I always had the sense that they were "natural," "wholegrain." no-red-meat -- that sort of thing, rather than strictly organic, but I might just have been distracted by the amazing Brothers Grimm interior.

            Agree with hotoynoodle below that no one around here can source much *locally* grown produce during the winter, although meat and seafood are more doable.

        1. Garden of Eden in the South End. Delicious!!

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            Thanks emc ,hiddenb. and Bostonbob3....I'll have to check them!

          2. Oleana in Cambridge - wonderfully seasonal and delicious.