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Jan 25, 2007 10:02 AM

Inexpensive-moderate places to take an out-of-towner?

I need to take an out-of-towner to lunch and dinner on Monday. Looking for places that have a special or fun vibe that would be appealing to an out-of-towner, but not too expensive. For lunch, we will be in the vicinity of either Beverly Hills or Santa Monica/Venice. For dinner, we will be in the vicinity of Manhattan Beach or Marina del Rey. Oh, and my friend does not eat red meat, but does eat chicken/fish. However, I'm not sure if she likes sushi, so I would like to avoid sushi places. Any thoughts?

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  1. Joe's on Abbot Kinney in Venice does a very nice lunch at a moderate price (about $15 before tax and tip).

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      I second Joe's; definitely my favorite restaurant in Venice.

      If you feel like driving a little further away to Hermosa Beach, I find Ragin Cajun to be a lot of fun. Versailles is also there in Manhattan Beach, and Havana Mania is in Redondo.

      In Marina del Rey, there's a decent Persian restaurant but it was close to empty last time I was there. I also enjoyed hanging out at the hotel bar opposite that Persian place. Unfortunately, my memory is failing me on both accounts.

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        Tajirish is probably the persian place you're thinking off...I really like this place too....a few different persian rices, stews and kabobs. They do have chicken/fish too I believe.

        Also in the area, although the food isn't great...but is someplace I always seem to take out of towners for a good time is C&O's Trattoria.

    2. in hermosa beach/redondo beach, there's a place called Green Temple that i like. Its a vegetarian restaurant. I am a major carnivore and i enjoyed the food here very much.
      The prices are very reasonable and i love the calming zen-like decor.

      1. The Rose Cafe in Venice for lunch (then show her the Venice boardwalk), Fritto Misto (in SM or Manhattan Beach) for dinner.

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          Ditto on Rose Cafe. We took my husband's aunt and uncle who just moved here. They've been back 4 times and recently took their son who was visiting from Chicago. I think the outdoor patio/proximity to the beach gives visitors an experience that is unique to LA and can't be done most other places in the winter!

          1. re: LissaB

            Wow - we Angelinos really take this for granted, don't we!

        2. the venice bistro on the boardwalk (cross street is Rose) has pretty good little snacks - nothing to die for, but the atmosphere is fun and it's one of the only places on the boardwalk that serves liquor.

          there's also a place right next door to the venice bistro that has great hamburgers. i haven't had anything else there - so ?

          there are also some other places on the boardwalk that have food and would just be fun to go to. I think figleaf is supposed to have pretty good food.

          1. Nook on Santa Monica Blvd. in West LA. The best quality food bargain in town

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              I absolutely second, third and fourth this recommendation. The place is a fantastic marriage of quality and affordability. My absolute GO-TO neighborhood restaurant, hands down.