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Jan 25, 2007 09:46 AM

Graduation Dinner in B'more

My sister is graduating from Loyola in May, actually Preakness weekend. I'm from DC and have eaten at many places in Baltimore as has my sister. We are talking about a graduation dinner for about 13 people at an upper end restaurant. We have discusseed Ruth Chris and Flemmings but we aren't thrilled by either. We aren't looking for anything crazy but any recommendantions for steak, fish, italian/french or american cuisine would be appreciated.

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    1. Black Olive

      BTW, you should book early as Preakness weekend many restaurants are filled to the gills.

      1. Above suugestions are very good. Based on your post, it sounds like you guys are steak lovers, in which case you should check out the Prime Rib, 50s swanky with great steaks and reasonable wine list.

        1. I agree with the Charleston rec, but be aware that your bill will likely be $2500+.

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          1. re: bordeauxfan

            I agree that Charleston is a great recommendation, perfect for a special occasion like a graduation party. However, if you spend $2500+ at Charleston, you will have had one of the most extravagant times of your life. Quick math says that in order to rack up a $2500 bill at Charleston, you would need to have a 4 course menu and a $75 bottle of wine for each guest in your party. You probably don't need to consume that much in order to have a fantastic time, so I would say that most likely, your bill would be significantly less than $2500 for your party. There are many options at Charleston. You can choose to spend $1200 for your group, or $3500, dependent upon the choices you make. I would definitely check out Charleston as an option.

            1. re: Bryan101

              Extremely unlikely a party of 13 could get out of the Charleston only paying $1200. If each person took the 3 course option and drank only water, they would still be paying about $87 a person. (Charleston adds 20% tip to parties greater than 5). 13 people at $87 is a little over $1100. So yeah, technically you can do it, but what are the chances all 13 are going to go for water and the minimum plates? (And honestly, if they did, they'd be doing themselves a disservice.) Maybe the $2500+ was an exaggeration, but to really get the most out of your experience at a place like the Charleston, you can't be counting your pennies and you have to expect the bill is going to be well over $100 per person.

            2. If you want to stay closer to Loyola I would recommend Brasserie Tatin or Petit Louis. Taste in Belvedere Square is also close but I have not been there to eat. Mt. Vernon is also close and there are many choices including the Saffron and Prime Rib. Charleston is quite the special occasion spot and you could get out of there for around $100 per person. Other places in town as suggested above would be much less.