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Jan 25, 2007 09:39 AM

Fine Dining near Westborough, MA?

Can someone recommend a nice restaurant for a business dinner near Westborough, MA?

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  1. I'd suggest the 1790 House, I had a business dinner there and it was very nice. Excellent Filet!

    1. Also Arturos in Westboro, Tommasso Tratoria in Southboro. If you go to Worcester the 111 Chop House would be the best businss dinner.

      1. The only time I ate at 1790 the food was pretty mediocre (fish).

        If Shrewsbury isn't too far, I'd recommend Willy's right in Shrewsbury Center (corner of Main and Rt. 140). Great atmosphere and one of the best sushi bars in Central Mass, in addition to the classic meat/fish entrees.

        1. I would drive only a few miles north to Romaines in Northboro , IMO, the best restaurant in the area. Would like to rec Tommasso Tratoria as well, but can't. It's the most aggravatingly uneven fine-dining restaurant in the area.

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            Agree totally - Romaine's is a hidden gem. We alway end up there and have never been disappointed. Never.
            We are going there tomorrow night for my birthday!

            1. re: Lilibet

              Well Lilibet, I hope, and I'm sure, you'll have a great evening, enjoy!

              By the way, while I think of it, do you know whether there's anything in the old Solomon Pond Grille building these days?

              1. re: Harp00n

                Dear Harp00n -

                Thank you for birthday greetings - very kind of you!

                The old Grille in Northborough is now called Guiseppi's... have heard very uneven things about it from friends. Have a feeling it's still a watering hole for the after 5 o'clock crowd. It is on my way home from work and the parking lot is always pretty full by that time.

                Have you ever been to Alicante's in Mendon on Lake Mendon (route 16)? What a nice place - excellent Italian food with a Portuguese twist. It used to be an old dive called The Canoe Club. It's a schlep from our area (Lancaster) but have friends who live within walking distance - seeing good friends with terrific food goes hand in hand.

                Will let you know how dinner is this evening.... am really looking forward to it!

                1. re: Lilibet

                  Your very welcome Birthday Girl!

                  Did Guiseppi's use to be out on Rte. 20, mainly pizza, or am I confusing it with another place? We used to frequent the old Solomon Pond for lunch/early dinner during the good weather, even though the quality was variable. All because we loved the alfresco dining over looking the pond :-)

                  We'd been by the Canoe Club many times. Usually, it would be on our way to The Oyster Cabin in Uxbridge. I can't recommend it too highly. It's a great couples "sneak away" dining spot. They're open for dinner only but it's like 4:30 most days and 3:00 on Sundays.

                  Here's the link:

                  We'll definitely check out Alicante's and thanks for the rec. The Portuese twist part is very intriguing.

                  1. re: Harp00n

                    No, I don't think so (about Guiseppi's)... might be another place you are thinking of.

                    Our friends in Mendon have been to the Oyster Cabin and didn't think that much of it either. I guess for the prices they charge, "wafer thin slices" of whatever didn't come up to par. There is another Italian place right across from Alicante that is less pricey but has good solid Italian food - called Franco's I think. Fr

                    BTW, Romaine's was terrific last night - husband got their special double pork chop with apple reduction/celery root mashed with grilled asparagus - me, blackened chick/shrimp over penne pasta with a tomato corn cream sauce. Yum! We split a creme brulee for dessert - a very nice evening out!

                    1. re: Lilibet

                      Thanks for the, expected, great feedback review. I can't urge you too strongly though that the Oyster Cabin is the real deal. Yes, it's a bit expensive but they do deliver on it. Our best friends, of twenty years. don't see eye-to-eye with us all the time either. They have the right to be wrong, LOL :-)

                      1. re: Harp00n

                        Harp00n, I have to say, you're right on about the Oyster Cabin. I was skeptical due to the name (sounded like a casual, wear your thongs and shorts place....but NOOOOO) but their pork chops and their homemade ice cream and their EVERYTHING is top notch.
                        PS. Nice Airedale! I am loving the dog photos. I need a good one of my chowmutt, Mishka.

                        1. re: thegolferbitch

                          That's my big-boy Boru, 80lbs., and he's just as vain as his master!
                          Must be a "his" thing, huh?
                          Keep the complements coming! :-)

              2. re: Lilibet

                Almost went for my birthday but went to the Parlor, Upton. A great destination.

                1. re: Lilibet

                  Oh, by the way, Happy Birthday! :-)

              3. Not much to choose from out there. Comments on what's posted already and another spot.

                > 1790 House - Dated, ok atmosphere, friendly staff, a little unpolished, just ok food.
                > Arturo's - Resonable Italian food served in an uninviting nondescript room. Just ok, not fancy
                > Tommasso - Modern, cramped space, small portions of decent food, uneven service. tables so small you can hardly fit all of the plates. Nice wines. Expensive for what it is.
                > Willy's - Some of the areas best food, good sushi, steaks. Professional operation. Small place, most tables a bit cramped. On weekends can get so busy you cant move at the bar.
                > Romaines - haven't been but heard good things.
                > 111 Chop House - Very solid food, wine, service. LIke a lot. Excellent wine list too. Perfect for your business dinner.
                > Incontro in Franklin - a bit of a drive from WBO but right off 495. Excellent steaks, sides etc downstairs and nice bar with bar menu (also billiard room - 6 or 9 tables) upstairs. Nice table spacing and large booths. Would be great for a business dinner.