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Jan 25, 2007 08:52 AM

Vetri - Reservation Advice

I am sure this has been asked and answered a million times before on this board, but after several minutes of research, I decided to ask...

What is the best way to get a reservation at Vetri's? I keep my eye on OpenTable to see when the next Saturday table might be available. As you may have guessed, this plan is not working. I don't care when I go... I just dream of being able to try the tasting menu - whenever!

Anyone have tips for me? Is there a secret?


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  1. I don't know what I'm missing but if you don't care when you go you can book a reservation for Vetri now.

    1. I think you will do better calling the restaurant yourself. My impression is that Open Table only has reservations 30 days in advance; I think the restaurant may take them 2 months in advance. In addition I am not sure that they release all the table to Open Table. Give the restaurant a call.

      1. I agree -- I got a reservation at Vetri not long ago just by calling -- if you want a Saturday night, tell them to give you the earliest available Saturday.

        1. I too dreamed of the tasting menu at Vetri. I went for my birthday and as my dining partner said ROI (return on investment) was not as expected. Did I get some incredible dishes? Absolutly. Would I do it again? Absolutly Not! I had the worst salad of my life there. I should have, but did not, send it back. I would go on a day when I could order off the menu and stick to what Marc Vetri is known for, the onion crepe, gnocchi &,goat, I'd pay less and get the best they have to offer.