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Jan 25, 2007 08:50 AM

Driving to DC from N.E.

Fellow Chowsters - I've been doing this drive for years (New England to DC) but have never stopped in-between for food. Either brought it all or got it at (Yelp!!) pit stops. Where is a good chowhound place south of NYC off 95 (Jersey tpk). Must be easy to get to and back on, not far from the exit, not too expensive (with family, "kids" are grown up though), and be worth the extra effort. Any cuisine is welcome, we love all food as long as it's good (wife is veggie, I'm not a big meat eater so hot dog places don't make it).
Please help out. BTW - if there is anything good on 95, we can do that too. Thanks all. Chow On !!

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      I hope you're joking. We've tried Cracker Barrel when we've traveled, and there was absolutely no alternative. In a word: Horrible!

      New Jersey is known as "The Diner State," and one of the most famous is Mastoris, in Bordentown. Though I've never eaten there, the food's reputed to be very good. It's off Tpke Exit 7. There are directions on their website.

    2. I have to jump in here. Matoris is horrible. People like it because they serve extremely large portions of everything, but the food is really terrible. One of the better diners is a few miles north, The Americana Diner in East WIndsor, 395 Rt 130 N, near Princeton-Hightstown Rd. (Exit 8 off the Turnpike). Although they've been trying to get more "restaurant-y" in their menu, stick to the diner fare, which is usually excellent.

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        Thanks for your comment about Mastoris, cranrob. As I said in my post, I've not been there. I don't think it's been discussed much on this board, so it's good to have the opinion of a Hound who, I presume, has had first-hand experience.

      2. I haven't been to Mastori's in at least 10 years, but always thought the food was good and certainly a cut above other diners. The complimentary cheese and cinammon bread was always delicious.

        1. My favorite Philly/DC pit stop is Woody's Crab House in North East, Maryland. Just take the NE exit and follow the signs into town. It's on the main street about 5 minutes from 95 and has some of the best crab cakes and onion rings you'll find. Plenty of stuff for kids too and reasonably priced.

          Another place you could try if you crave excellent philly cheese steaks or great roast pork sandwiches is Tony Luke's in Philly ( I understand you're taking the NJ turnpike south but perhaps you can take 95 through Philly on your way home. It's under 95 and not too hard to get to. You take the Walt Whitman/Packer Ave exit but don't go over the bridge. Get onto Packer, make a u turn and make a left at the light (Front Street). Take that to Oregon Ave and make a right. The original TL is on your left and a newer sit down restaurant is on your right. I've never tried the restaurant.

          1. I kind of like Mastoris for a decent, right-off-the-Turnpike place to stop. I especially like the cheese bread and cinnamon bread they give you after you place your order. And it's fairly easy to get back onto the Tpk. from there, too.