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Jan 25, 2007 08:47 AM

Ginza's in Bloomfield, CT

A friend is coming into town next Saturday and we're going to meet for dinner. She loves Japanese. I heard about Ginza's and was wondering what it is like. Anyone been there recently, and any other suggestions not too far from Bloomfield. Thanks!

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  1. You won't go wrong there-large menu, covers most dimension of japanese food-sushi, teppon, classic dishes like teriyaki. Great service; pretty interior, I like it. You may also want to check out a brand-new restaurant in Bloomfield, Shiso. Very eclectic Asian menu...

    1. Ginza is great and they have a new head sushi chef named Ray, who is very talented. I would also recommend Tom Yum Goong in Simsbury, right on 10/202. It is the old Sirenna's Seafood from Bloomfield combined with Thai. Absolutely awesome seafood dishes and great Thai. The menu is huge. Super reasonable and BYOB.

      1. I think it would make for a good choice. Everything was good there when I went.

        1. I know this thread is months old, but I tried Ginza for the first time on Saturday night and thought it was wonderful! Our waiter was very friendly, and even offered us a few entree selections that weren't on the menu.

          I'd HIGHLY recommend the peanut/avocado roll and the sweet potato tempura roll.

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            Ginza peanut avocado rolls have are my favorite.

          2. Just throwing my two cents in...I just tried Ginza yesterday for lunch and thought it was awesome. The server was very attentive, the food was delicious (I only had a bento box but it was all excellent) and the food came out really fast too (which I love!).
            There was some action at the hibachi tables too...lively for a Friday afternoon!
            I would definitely go there again--even go out of my way to go there.