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The Farm/Aderley 2night w/out Reservation--How long should I anticipate waiting...

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And anything you can say about the place is appreciated.
And don't get inspired fom my post and go tonight and make my wait longer!!!

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  1. doubt there'd be a wait. i really liked this place...their cheese plate was very good and huge bargain...the hangar steak was great...save room for the chocolate mouse with salted cream...very rich but delicious.

      1. I went on a Friday night at around 8:30/9:00 without a reservation (party of two). We waited for about 10 minutes for a table. There were people behind us in line, and everyone seemed to be seated relatively quickly. The farm burger is delicious - tender and juicy. The trout is very very good as well.

        1. Wish I could go tonight (or any night!)...even if there's a half-hour wait, it's worth every minute, especially since the upfront bar area has a fine draught selection and wine list.

          If duck breast with the greens shows up on the menu, go for it.