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Jan 25, 2007 08:44 AM

Best food for Oscar party?

Any ideas for Oscar party food? I don't want to serve just appetizers! (We will be a group of 10 or so)

I don't want to make a baked pasta dish, it seems too typical.

At first, I was thinking a meatloaf, but then people said they didn't like meatloaf.

Then, I though of a taco/burrito bar, but that might get too labor intensive for my guests, although I am really leaning towards that because people can customize. Any ideas on how to pull this off if I decide to do that?


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  1. Maybe a fajita bar. You can prep it all ahead of time and have the condiments ready. Then just cook the meat/veggies. If you go the mexican route, I would do some apps to start like a taco dip and other things, and a mexican style salad with creamy cilantro dressing.

    Drinks can be fun like red carpet martinis (vodka, cherry juice and grenadine garnished w/cherry)

    1. I hear you on baked pasta seeming too typical. What about shepherds pie or some kind of layered dish using polenta?

      I was also thinking of individual macaroni and cheese with assorted mix ins. A large muffin tin, with simple mac and cheese recipe, then an assortment of prepped condiments--bacon crumbles, jalepenos, tomatoes..

      1. How about a nice beef wellington? You can make a big one and slice into individual servings, or make mini beef wellingtons. Yum.

        1. Mini sandwiches? My mother does sandwiches with high-quality turkey and beef tenderloin on dinner rolls for her parties. You can customize with spreads/fixings and they are very tasty.

          1. We have an Oscar party every year. We make different food each year, depending on what movies are nominated, trying to base the dishes on either the title of the movie, the theme, a food that is featured in the movie, where the setting is, etc. Since the awards show is the focus, it's fun to have food that's kind of a conversation piece to go along with the movies featured on the show.

            That said, make-your-own bars are very practical for this kind of party. More labor-intensive for you, really, but guests love them.

            As for baked pasta, I have 2 recipes that are killer and not really "typical" if you'd like them. One is a Chicken and Pasta Gratin that uses creme fraiche and gruyere. The other is pasta, sausage and 3 cheeses (gorgonzola included) along with shitake mushrooms. So not your regular lasagne! :)

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              Do post the recipes please.

              I have a large family gathering coming up and I've been looking at baked pasta dishes.

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                Will do...I'll post each separately.