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Jan 25, 2007 08:37 AM

Humanely-Raised Meat in Brooklyn?

or should I say organic? or sustainably raised? I would prefer sustainable.
I live in Ft. Greene and I don't know where to get any good meat, help!
PS- yes the co-op is great. I cant' go in there without alarms going off, so save your posts.

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  1. The meat at L'Epicerie (Vanderbilt, south of DeKalb) is supposed to be all of these things. They will also order anything you want on a day's notice.

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      1. re: bigmackdaddy

        Go there and pay out of your bung for it. They sell organic avocados for 2.75!

        And as far as Foragers goes, fuggetaboutit! Man only a sucker would shop there.

        Im assuming what's being talked about here is "natural" beef/meats. The title misleads: the cow is killed and cut up, how humane does that sound?

        I can offer you Garden of Eden in the Heights, good selection of meats. Other than that Whole Foods, or try the Green Market or the one in Ft Green. But have fun in the cold (shopping outside today is inhumane!)

        1. re: BohFoisSelecta

          I believe the title was "humanely raised". Obviously killing an animal is not humane, but how they are treated before the slaughter is important to a lot of people.

          1. re: BohFoisSelecta

            Erm, is it particularly surprising when a 400 sq. foot mom and pop store that sells mainly specialty items has organic avocados which cost 50 cents more than not-organic avocados at chain stores?

            1. re: Tuttle

              I can appreciate the "specialty" in a specialty store and honestly it's convenient for me to shop there cause its down the street from me. But I could walk to Associated and get the same (almost/sometimes) quality with a much better selection for about 2/3 the cost. And I must give it up for them: bomb cheese selection, I scored a Chablis Chalencey there over the summer!

              Anyone ever do the dinner they have there on Saturday?

      2. At the grand army plaza farmers market (saturdays) there is usually beef, sometimes pork, lamb and turkey, all local and humanely raised. Not too much there now but definitely check it out when it gets a little warmer

        1. Foragers Market in Dumbo from what I recall exclusively carries "humane" and "organic" grown meat. Now the prices.........

          1. I usually just get my meat at the grand army plaza green market and keep it in the freezer until needed. The supermarket situation in this part of brooklyn is pretty bad. I haven't been to a local supermarket in two months probably. I grab stuff like sugar and ketchup at the bodega and everything else at the green market or chelsea market.

            1. Look for Dines Farms at the Ft. Green Farmers' Market on Saturdays. All of their meats and poultry are great. Excellent hot dogs and sausages too.


              Reasonable prices for pasture raised meat. Very, very fresh. I'm not sure, but I think you can places your order with them ahead of time to pick up at the market.