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Jan 25, 2007 08:22 AM

Kid friendly near Opera House

Looking for a kid friendly, decent place near Opera House for group of 15 for tomorrow.

Any recs would be appreciated.

We will try to eat early to avoid big crowds.


Chow on!

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  1. Are you talking about dinner or lunch? Also, what price range per person?

    The Opera House is very close to Chinatown. There are a number of larger restaurants there that could easily handle a group of that size....ChauChow, China Pearl, and Empire Garden all have plenty of seating... The kids could get standard American Chinese fare and others who want to be, can be more adventerous. If you go during lunch time you may even be able to get Dim Sum.

    1. Sorry, should have specified...early dinner, and the group will consists of half adults & half children.

      Reasonable pricing, not high-end. And Chinese is OK. As is continental.