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Jan 25, 2007 08:12 AM

Veal Shanks in West LA?

Anyone know where to get affordable veal shanks in West LA? I've heard Monte Carlo in Burbank sells them for $6.99/lb. but I'd rather not have to drive that far. I know Whole Foods carries them but it seems pretty silly to me to use meat that costs $16.99/lb for braising.

While I'm on this, does anyone just have a good reasonably priced butcher in West LA?

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  1. Jordan Market in Westwood (On Westwood Blvd near Ohio) usually has them for a reasonable price.

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        Vicente foods always has beautiful veal shanks.

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          Any idea how much they charge?

          The one's I got at Jordan turned out fine, but if I can decent quality cheaper - I'm game for it. But make sure you see what they're wrapping up - some pieces were simply too uh...bone-heavy. Barely any meat. Glad there were some light eaters last night, but if it was me getting that portion? I wouldn't be happy about it.

    1. Ralph's often has some pretty good veal shanks that won't break the bank, but you're most likley to find them in the more upscale locations - Westwood, WLA etc. You could always call ahead and see if they have any before you drop by.


      1. Bob's Market, on Ocean Park in Santa Monica, usually has them. My guess is that they go for 5 or 6 dollars a pound. Give them a call.

        1. There are veal shanks and then there are veal shanks...if you are making oso bucco forget cheap and get good ones at Bristol Farms(expensive) or from your local butcher (both butchers at the farmers market will cut them to your specs) who, if they don't have them, will order them for you! Those available at Ralphs and the like are usually thin, misshaped and have bones without good marrow...yes they are cheaper, but you end up with an inferior product with less meat and flavor!

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            Hmm...This might be a discussion for the home cooking board, but in any case, have you ever done a side-by-side veal shank cooking, with the cheap one and the expensive one? in my experience, with these slow-cooking meats, the difference between expensive and less-expensive is not so obvious.

          2. Thank you all for your help. I went to Jordan earlier today and found some very nice looking cut veal shanks that they sell as "Osso Buco" for $6.99/lb. The owner of the store told me her supplier is the same as Bristol Farm's next door (which, like Whole Foods, sells them for $16.99/lb.) If true, it's pretty hilarious. Will let you know how they work out but they looked pretty damn good. Thanks, Hrhboo. Will check out Bob's for next time too.

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              Wow. I knew Jordan's shanks were good but I had no idea they were the same ones sold at Bristol Farms. Thanks for the heads up!

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                I will have to try Jordan's...the price is great!!