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Jan 25, 2007 08:11 AM

Southwest Houston

I am travelling to Southwest Houston in March for a wedding and staying an extra couple of days...I am wondering where the best places to eat regional food are...We are staying at the Windsor Suites on the Southwest Freeway (soon to be Crowne Plaza Suites) near the Galleria...willing to travel within a 10 mile radius...

looking for Thai, Mexican, and BBQ.


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  1. Erawan on San Felipe has good Thai
    BBQ is Luling city market on Richmond avenue
    Mexican.. dont know about authentic.. but cheap fun tex mex is at Chachos on Westheimer

    1. Goode Company BBQ on Kirby just south of 59.

      1. I wasn't familiar with the hotel and had to look it up. You're actually in what we would call Westwood or Sharpstown, 9090 SW Fwy? It's about 6 miles to the Galleria, which changes things for your 10 mile radius.

        Just down 59 @ Wilcrest, perhaps only 4 miles, is Lopez Mexican Restaurant, excellent traditional Tex-Mex, among the best in town. Inside Loop 610, just east of Greenway Plaza on Richmond is El Tiempo Cantina run by the family of the famous Ninfa Laurenzo. You might also consider Pico's on Bellaire.

        I would definitely avoid the Don Carlos on 59 @ Hillcroft. There is a Ninfa's on Westheimer a couple of miles west of the Galleria as I recall; I'd avoid that also, it's now chain owned.

        Goode Co. on Kirby is going to be just within 10 miles. It's not the very best in town but very popular. My personal choice would be Luling City Mkt on Richmond but be sure to go early (lunch) - they serve from a steam table. As I understand it both use gas fired ovens due to smoke pollution restrictions as do most places in the city limits.

        Here's a pic from a recent visit to Luling:

        1. You are not that far from our chinatown area. There are so many great and interesting places to eat. I would recommend taking the SW Freeway S to the Sam Houston tollway North (I think it says north on that side of town, please hounds, correct me). Exit Bellaire and go to the right for mostly chinese food (I recommend Sandong Noodle House or One Dragon in Di Ho Plaza) or go to the left for mostly Vietnamese.

          1. For pretty authentic Thai food, go to Patu in Rice Village. If you want more of a fusion sort of thing, go to the Blue Fish House on Richmond or Thai Sticks on Montrose. For awesome Mexican food, your best bet is to drive around the Heights/I-10 Blalock area and look for roadside Taco stands and small Taquerias.