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Jan 25, 2007 08:08 AM

Need Malibu Lunch recs for Celeb obsessed out of town relatives

Well, in three weeks we have some relatives in from Chicago and they seem obsessed with dragging my wife and I to Malibu to have lunch and see some celebs. I guess with all the fires and Mel Gibson's little episode it seems to have made the news and sparked the interest of our Windy City kin.
Is there a great lunch spot...ok, I'll settle for a good weekend lunch spot in Malibu where they can get that Malibu experience and and possibly rub up against a celeb or two?

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  1. Great is debatable, (and has been on the LA board before) but your most likely spot in Malibu to spot celeb's "grazing" in their natural environment is at Nobu. Normally your best bet is not the weekend but a midweek night, (they don't serve lunch) is more probable to yield the desired results.

    If it has to be lunch then the Ivy on Roberston is by far your best bet.

    1. You can hang out at Malibu Country Mart. Even if you bust on sightings, you will still enjoy the shopping. There is decent food there. They tend to "graze" at Googies as well.

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      1. re: MichaelS

        "Coogies" is the restaurant I think MichaelS is referring to above. :) Nobu is definitely the top pick here, but you can also try Taverna Tony, a celebrity-dense Greek restaurant.

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          Yes, Coogies. Hands are not following brain today. If you do get to Coogies, make sure to get some zucchini bread to go....

      2. Yeah, I've seen more celebrities at Nobu than all other restaurant star sitings combined -- seriously. I could rattle off a dozen huge celebs I saw on two visits, if that wouldn't make me seem like a total loser. I am in the camp that thinks Nobu is great.

        1. I agree with the other posters. Nobu is your best bet, but not open for lunch. And a good rule of thumb, locals go to "land side" restaurants, not anything on the water. Those places attract more tourists. There are any number of places for lunch--Guido's, Tony's, TraDaNois. But your best opportunity to spot celebs is to walk around the Country Mart (especially the play area for kids) and also the shopping center on the other side of PCH. That's where you tend to see celebs during the day. It also kind of depends on which "demographic" of celebs--are they looking for Pierce Brosnan, Courtney Cox Arquette or Brittany Spears? They tend to hang at different places.

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          1. re: perk

            "And a good rule of thumb, locals go to "land side" restaurants, not anything on the water..."

            IIRC Mel(tdown) Gibson was drining (a combination of [mostly] drinking and dining) on the water just before his most Passionate polemic came spewing forth - was he not? (g)

            1. re: tony michaels

              Yes, at that dreadful Moonshadows.

          2. nobu = celeb central and good fave is malibu seafood, no celebs but amaaazing fish!