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Jan 25, 2007 08:01 AM


To Saeydoc:

Hey, my family has lived here for 276 years. From there I speak. The best Tex-Mex retaurant does not exist. There is one place that does a great combination plate. And, there is another that does great soup; another that does great tacos, etc. For a cold rainy day the Teka Caldo, or Tortilla Soup can be found at Teka Molino, which is five minutes from downtown. If you don't get there by 11:15, you will have to wait in line. The owner's aunt Josephine runs the cash register. The best breakfast soup is at El Mirador, made Mexico style. For a life altering experince, go south about five minutes and stop at Rudy's Tamale factory. If you get there by 8:00 they will sell you log-size hand made tamales hot, wrapped in foil, and ready to eat. For the best Q drove up to Kreuz Meat Market in Giddings Texas and you will leave with your whole body smelling like barbeque.

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  1. Puddin-
    I'm not sure why you addressed this thread to me. In fact, I'm not a big tex-mex fan, I prefer regional, authentic Mexican. I would like to do a bbq tour though.