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Jan 25, 2007 07:56 AM

despana - favorite sandwiches?

I'm checking out Despana this weekend for the first time - does anyone have a favorite sandwich (or anything else there) that I absolutely shouldn't miss?

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  1. was just there last night, shared the picante and chorizo. the lady said that the despana is most popular, but she prefers the former two because they are warm. the picante is nice if you like spicy, and there seems like there is more in that sandwich. they have 4/12/13 month manchego, which i like a lot.

    1. I like their Spanish torta - it's done right - (get the one with chorizo if you like chorizo). I lalso like their manchegos as well. The small chorizos (the spicy ones - which is not really that spicy) is ok too. There are a lot of interesting food stuffs that you can try first before you buy (sherry vinegars, spanish olive oil, jams etc.). Very friendly service.

      1. jamon iberico (de bellota) in chorizo, salchichon and lomo. and my favorite cheese. . .monte enebro.

        1. I just discovered their boquerones which are just as good as any I've had in Seville.

          1. the tuna sandwich is really very good. and the serrano and goat cheese.