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Owl Of Minerva at Yonge/Finch

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I"m going there tonight with someone who's a big carnivore but new to Korean food. Any recommendations?

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  1. Owl of Minerva is most famous for their pork bone soup. It is super tasty, can't go wrong with this chilly temperature!

    1. I agree. Pork Bone Soup (Gam-Ja Tang in Korean) - their specialty.

      Very good, very reasonable price. (A little messy sometimes).

      Don't waste your time with any other dish.

      1. I find that Oh Geul Boh Geul (5320 Yonge st) next door is much better than Owl of Minerva.

        Take a look inside when you walk by, it's constantly packed.

        1. "aser" is right....Oh Geul Boh Geul is good too. Lunch specials are very good - and they give you a lot of side dishes too (ban chan).

          However, "zia" said they are going to Owl - and wanted to know recommendations. I would have to say that the Pork Bone soup at Owl is better. I don't get anything else there. Also, Owl is open 24 hours a day too - added bonus when you are hungry at 4 am.

          If I want other dishes, I might go to Oh Geul Boh Geul - if I'm in that area. Depends on what I feel like that day. Both are good restaurants.

          1. So we had 4 dishes - Gamjatang, Soondae, and 2 whose names I don't know: deep-fried breaded chicken wings in a glutinous hot sweet chili sauce, and bbq chicken with mixed veg. The pork bone soup was awesome. I loved the blood sausage and am up for other restaurants that do it better, if possible. The chicken dishes were good but didn't stand out. The sauce on the wings was IMO way too sweet. The banchan were meagre - kimchi and what might have been big blocks of radish. But I dunno if that's because we seemed like newbies to the food, or if they're just stingy.
            I will definitely be back for gamjatang and to try the beef bone soup too.

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              Avoid the beef bone soup. I chose it once on a whim...you get a wedge of bone with nary a trace of meat on it. Stick with the pork. However, I do think the gamja tang at Oh Geul Boh Geul is better as well.

            2. Glad that you enjoyed your meal. I tried to warn you about the other dishes - but I guess you wanted to check things out. Owl is known for their Pork Bone soup - and that's it. They do one thing very well, and they don't feel the need to give out too many ban-chan. If you're Korean, kimchi (and radish-style kimchi) is all you really need. Most places will give you more (Oh Geul Boh Geul giving you quite a bit - just a couple of doors down).

              Check out the link below about Korean restaurants in general. If you are in the Yonge & Finch area again, try a little farther north - to Chowon.


              Chowon is the restaurant at Yonge & Cummer (on the west side, Cummer turns into Drewry Ave). They have the best Kkam Poong Gi in town (spicy chicken dish) - it's very good when it just comes out. Crispy and hot. A large plate is $12.99 (I think), and great for sharing with friends.

              Sometimes, service is slow - and Korean is their first language, so communication could be an issue for some servers. However, I still recommend giving Chowon a try.

              Chowon Korean Restaurant
              17 Drewry Ave.
              North York ON M2M 1C9
              (416) 250-7422

              1. Yes, thanks for the warning, and other recommendations. We did want to try a variety of menu items. If Kkam Poong Gi is the sizzley bbq chicken dish, I've had similar with beef, and also rice cake, at a couple different spots and dug having a greater array of banchan than just the kimchi. I've yet to meet a pickled anything I dislike.

                1. Kkam Poong Gi is a deep fried spicy/sweet chicken dish - very good at Chowon.

                  Not too sure what you mean about sizzley beef (bulgogi?) or rice cake (have no idea) - but I don't think we are talking about similar things.

                  Happy eating!