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Jan 25, 2007 07:46 AM

B-More: Robert Oliver Seafood?

Its the newest to attempt to break the curse of the Spike and Charlie's location by the Meyerhoff. I checked out their website and it looks to be at least worth a visit (if a bit overpriced - but what isn't). Has anyone had the chance to try it out?

If not, I live within walking distance and might be a guinea pig for it in the next week or two. Will let you know...

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  1. im of no help other than...totally wondering the same thing. poor curse of spike and charlie!

    1. I have been twice. Spike and Charlie have something to do with this place, perhaps in a consulting role. I went before they did any sort of advertising but they were open, sort of a soft launch. Both Spike and Charlie were there walking around behind the scenes. The waitstaff was being trained, they were setting up the cash registers, but we were able to sample some food. I can't remeber everything we had, but we tried some fried calamari and some lamb meetballs. It was good enough to try it again when everything was set so ....

      a few weeks later I was part of two couple who went for dinner after a show at the Lyric. There was a show at both the Lyric and the Meyerhoff that night and the place was empty. We sat down and waited for 20 mintues before the server came over. We order drinks, she got confused, she reported there were no olives for martini (yet olives were an appitizer on the menu?) and in about another 20 mintues she returned with the drinks. Let me repeat, the place was empty. I tried to order an appitizer, she went away, she came back. They didn't have it. I ordered some soup. She went away. About 20 mintues later I see her in the back of the dining room. I flag her down and tell her, thank you, but we will just leave it at drinks and take the check. By this time it was probably around 11, I was starving and pissed off.

      I went to Brewer's Art and happily ate off the bar menu.

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        Charlie was the consultant. See:

        Too bad about your experience; they seem to have dropped $$$ on the place.

      2. I think the bar is awesome, but I agree...they need to make sure that they have the proper amount of staff on. I too waited for at least 5 minutes to get a drink.
        If your staff is not traing properly, you can just about forget it in that location.

        1. I had a wonderful dinner with great service last Saturday evening. The place looks amazing and has a great vibe. I could not have enjoyed my choice more, tuna filet, and the other 3 diners were impressed as well. I think they may have the kinks worked out and now they need a bit of advertising to get things moving. I will definitely return.

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