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Jan 25, 2007 07:24 AM

Vizard's, Alberta's, La Petite G???

Going out with a group of 8. Want to try something in the mid to upper price range. Love Herbsaint/Clancy's, etc. but want something new. How is Vizard's? (liked his food at his previous few restaurants). What about Alberta's? Any other suggestions (haven't been to Peristyle in ages)? Thanks.

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  1. Haven't been to Alberta's, too pricey, but Vizard's and La Petite and Lilette are great.

    1. Went to Alberta for the first time last week. Here's a review I posted in another thread:

      They don't have a handle on the house. People are waiting 45 minutes with a reservation--some walking out.

      The two of us eventually got seated and we started with an amuse bouche--crab and guacamole on a cucumber slice. It was a failure in conception and execution. The guacamole was, well, guacamole. It's a very low-cuisine creation (which I generally do like) and it overwhelmed whatever crab there was supposed to have been. The cucumber was thin and limp almost like a soggy cracker.

      Our appetizers were sweetbreads and escargots. The sweetbreads were essentially deepfried. Might as well have been McD chicken nuggets. My date liked the escargot a lot. I sampled a small bit. The recipe was original--in a reduction sauce (though they were swimming in it). I wasn't bowled over myself, but I would have liked to try that one again.

      Entrees. I had scorched scallops. Think burnt popcorn at the bottom of the bag for the effect. (I should have thought to trim off the outsides and salvage something). They were with a risotto that was so undercooked it was very nearly crunchy. My date had a redfish, I believe. Not as bad as my scallops but it was rather chewy or gummy.

      The server made a remark about a new kitchen staff. I saw 2 or 3 teenagers coming out of the back when we entered. I assumed they were there to take out the recycling or something. Apparently not.

      1. A friend recently went to Alberta's - had a reservation for 2. They waited 30 minutes, management said sorry for the delay and bought them a drink. They waited another 30 minutes, still no table so they finally left. He'll never go back.

        1. peristyle is not what it used to be since anne kearney left. I would go to Couchon. Great food, nice space. lots of small plate options. Though not much or any seafood.

          1. A recent column in the lagniappe said the original chef has left La petite grocery and his sous chef has taken over, for what it is worth.