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Jan 25, 2007 07:23 AM

How long is too long for a rub to be on ribs?

I will be making ribs (pork) for the Super Bowl and I've never let the rub mixture I use, sit on them for more than 24 hrs. I've been wondering what would happen if I left it on for 36-48hrs? I'd like to get an answer without ruining a rack of ribs. Just before I typed this I was watching Bobby Flay and he was making prime rib on the grill. He rubbed it and mentioned he didn't want the rub to stay on too long because he didn't want to overpower the flavor of the meat. This of course is understandable with prime rib. Any idea if it will be too much for the ribs?

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  1. I had a friend that let his sit on too long (with a good amount of salt) and they were drier than they should have been. Maybe it depends on that kind of thing? More salt = more moisture loss = less time? Just a guess. I usually rub only a hour or so before I put mine in the smoker. The smoke is my flavor of choice and the rub just adds some extra seasoning so I don't bother to let it sit forever.