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Jan 25, 2007 07:17 AM

Fried Chicken- Monmouth County

O.K. Let's have it, where can I find Great Fried Chicken in Jersey, Monmouth County being an area for reference, thanks! I must say first that I love Popeyes, just wondering if there is a 'hole in the wall' place I need to know about!

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  1. A good fried chicken place used to be Ultimate Chicken on Rt. 9 South in Freehold, but the owners sold the place and its now a Greek restaurant. Ultimate Chicken may have another location. Maybe someone else will know.

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    1. re: jsfein

      That Greek place is horrible by the way. Nothing special about it. My lamb was overcooked.

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        Ultimate Chicken was sold to the owners of that Greek restaurant along with their chicken. In the beginning they had the chicken on their menu. I asked if they still have it. The owner said that nobody had asked for the chicken, so she dumped it all. So, I don't think Ultimate Chicken reopened elsewhere. I don't like the owner of that Greek restaurant. Kind of snobbish. She kind of acts as if opening a restaurant was beneath her.

      2. Cluck U Rt. 35/36 near Monmouth Mall has delicious chicken tenders/platters.

        1. There's a little storefront place in Keyport that I've been wanting to try... It looks like a real neighborhood place.
          Chicken Coope
          Tel: (732) 264-4774
          Broad & Maple Place
          Keyport, NJ 07735

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            Val, this is one place I do know about! ( I used to live in 'port). I'm not too crazy about their chicken, but I LOVE the fried potatoes called 'Tiny Taters'. Deep fried potato wedges that are first dredged in seasoned flour. In my opinion the 'Taters' are worth the trip, if you do try them please let me know what you think!

            1. re: Herm

              We got take-out at the Chicken Coope. Indeed those "Tiny Taters" are good -- and a regular portion was more than enough for two. (I plan to cook the leftover potatoes with my breakfast eggs.)
              I thought the chicken was just fine. Nothing special, but certainly better than KFC. They make their own cole slaw.

              1. re: val ann c

                LOL! I failed to mention that the orders of potatoes is quite large! - I'm glad you enjoyed them!

          2. If you want to travel a bit further, there's a great creole/cajun restaurant in Plainfield, called Freshwaters.


            Their fried chicken is the real southern deal. I adore Popeye's but this is home-cooking chicken, done right. Everything on the menu is amazing, even the sides. Best freaking mac & cheese around. Great ribs, catfish, etouffe, gumbo at times, etc.

            Nice place too - owners are really lovely people although they can get a bit pushy with the "come back and see us" routine. They're just really friendly. But they mean it very lovingly, so just ignore it when it happens. It won't ruin your meal at all, it's become a joke to us at this point.

            While you don't have to wear a jacket, do not come wearing t-shirts or anything seriously sloppy tho - I think they will toss you out! They think of this like their extended home.

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            1. re: sivyaleah

              I love cajun/creole, I'm looking forward to trying this one!

              1. re: Herm

                Herm, if you do go please report back. Not a lot of people know about Freshwaters. I think people get a bit scared off by it being in Plainfield, however, it is literally just over the border of Fanwood, not deep in the heart of Plainfield, so there is no reason to be concerned. Plus, they have valet parking on the premises (but they will allow you to park yourself, but we always let them park it, everyone needs to make a living).

            2. I love the fried chicken at Shop Rite in West Long Branch.

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                fershore, Thanks for reminding me that supermarket delis can be a source for fried chicken. I've bought good fried chicken at Pathmark in Middletown (Rt 35) and A&P in Navesink (Rt 36).
                I think you need to go to the supermarket at mealtime when there is good turnover of the deli food. Otherwise, the chicken might sit under the heat-lamp too long.