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Jan 25, 2007 06:53 AM

Old School in Mississagua

My newly retired father-in-law just got engaged, and my partner and I would like to take him and his fiancee out for a meal to celebrate.

They're both British, non-epicurian or gastronomically adventurous, so we're looking for something that serves basic comfort foods like roast beef, meatloaf, pork chops, etc. This will be such a boring meal for me...

The restaurant should be wheelchair accessible, and able to take reservations- neither of the newly betrothed will be able to stand in a line.

I'm stumped! Please help...

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  1. There is Le Castile on dundas...near the boarder of mississauga and etobicoke...on the north side, with the torches. Its more like a steakhouse, but the food, from what I remember was served with the basics - salad and starches on the side. I think you can get steak, chicken, turf, mashed potatoes, etc....
    Its a large place and I believe they take reservations. Alittle pricey, but the perfect atmosphere to celebrate such an occassion.

    1. I agree with pancake. Nothing is more old school than Le Castile. My partner and I went last spring as a hoot, and it was like being teleported to 1976. Large portions of steak and seafood with formally dressed waiters of a certain age in an incongruous and sprawling Mediterranean "castle".

      The food was straightforward and the service was excellent, but I will probably never set foot in there again, unless Tony Soprano drops in and wants a steak nearby.

      1. Thanks for the suggestion Stephen and pancake.

        I don't think Le Castille is ideal because they don't eat seafood or steak I know they have roast beef on the menu, but i'd like a place where they might enjoy more than one choice.

        I had a date try to impress me once by taking me to Le Castille. I thought the meal was just ok, but the prices were very high for what we got... I found the decor horrid and the old school service attentive but sexist.

        1. What about Barbizon? It's got the 'fancy' versions of basics like pork chops, roasted chicken etc. If I recall correctly, there are no steps from the parking lot to the tables if your reservation is for the ground floor. The decor is not old-school a' la Barberians but more ultra fancy "adult residence" if you know what I mean.


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            My SO brought me to Barbizon. Why, I will never know.

            I would agree it is a perfect suggestion food and atmosphere-wise, but I seem to remember steps when getting inside. Call the restaurant to confirm - if I'm mistaken, I'd second the choice.

          2. What about the Old Barber House in Streetsville? I'm not sure about wheelchair accessible but it probably meets your other criteria and you might enjoy it as well.

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              I was just investigating OBH. Their website is so dreadful.. all the links end in "mth" rather than "htm" so nothing comes up right.

              Even after changing the links to their proper forms and reading all the information, couldn't find out if the place is wheelchair accessible.

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                The Old Barber House is wheelchair accessible from the north entrance only.