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Jan 25, 2007 06:45 AM

Good Ethiopian place?

I've had ethiopian food once, and didnt find it appetizing at all. We went to Adis Ababa in downtown Silver Spring. But I've heard nothing but good things about ethiopian food which is making me think that it might have just been the restaurant. Does anyone know of any quality ethiopian restaurants in the metro area, with moderately inexpensive fare? And what do you reccommend we try?

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  1. Two suggestions. First, do a search onthe Chowhounds board. You will find many discussions on this topic. Second, take a look at the restaurants and their menus at The local favorites are Etete and Dukem.

    1. You should check out other posts to this board about Ethiopian restaurants. My reccomendation is still Etete

      1. I've found Addis Ababa to be consistently good. If you really didn't groove on the food there, it's always possible they had an off night, but maybe you just don't like Ethiopian.

        Can you tell us more about what you didn't like?

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          i found the spices really strong and the bread was something i had to get used to (i understand that it is fermented after i looked it up, but while we were there, we thought that they served us bad bread). we got a big platter with a variety of meats and vegetables on it since we didnt know what to get. the meats just tasted like they had been cooked and sitting out way too long and the spices permeated everything so that you couldnt taste much else. i really want to try it again, can you recommend a specific dish for beginners? i just find it so hard to believe i dont like it because i'm the one around that usually likes EVERYTHING

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            Try getting one of the vegetarian mix offerings (most Ethiopian places have them). They're usually not as spicy, and most of the items will be somewhat familiar (lentils, split peas, collards, potato salad, carrots, etc.). The vegetarian items usually aren't overspiced (but look out for occasional green chilis, if you don't like "hot"). They strike me as being "healthy," but there's probably a ton of butter in some of those portions. You still have to eat with your fingers, though, and use the bread as a combination utensile and sauce soaker.

            I happen to like Axum, on 9th, but Etete, Madjet, Dukem and others in the 9th and U area are good, too. (I haven't tried Lalibella on Columbia Pike in Arlington, but the one on 14th St. in DC is okay.)

        2. It's quite possible you don't like it -- when I first moved here I had to try it, and while I liked it well enough, it's not something I look for. More an experience than anything else as far as I'm concerned.

          1. My first (and only time) for ethiopian was at Etete. Even for my palette (chinese/vietnamese/american), I found the flavors very strange and different. Flavors were well balanced but unusual. I haven't been back since only because the food service is so slow.

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              Love Etete, and if you've been searching this board you'll find lots of others do too. my experience there did not include slow service. warm, casual, inviting place with great food - what's not to like?