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Jan 25, 2007 06:35 AM

Healthy Options in the Inner Harbor - Baltimore

I will be on a work assignment, and staying a few nights in the Inner Harbor (at the Harbor Court Hotel on Light St.). I will be by myself, and there a few nights.

I am looking for good restaurants that I can find healthy options on the menu. I have been doing too much business travel, so I am trying to stay away from the huge plates of fattening food.

Otherwise, if there is a restaurant, that I absolutely shouldn't miss (a true Baltimore Landmark, or something very Chow-worthy) let me know also. I can certainly make an exception on the diet for a worthwhile experience.

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    also any Legal Seafood....

    if you want a really great place to eat, try Birches Restaurant easily accessible by cab.641 South Montford Avenue

    1. Liquid earth is more Fells Point.
      B there is a vegetarian juice bar that is quite good

      1. There's a few things in Federal Hill. If you can get there before it closes (I believe 7), there's Cross Street Market, which is just up Light Street. They have a bunch of interesting options and a good scene as well.

        If later than that, nearby is Metropolitan Wine Bar, Coffee Shop, and Restaurant. Good wines and some healthy things on the menu.

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          Second Metropolitan. Great place.

          Also, would note that the restaurant in the HarborCourt (Hampton's) is really good. Pretty pricey but very very good.

        2. Seafood is healthy, yes?

          Two words. Maryland crab. Or is it Baltimore crab? Crab cakes are delicious, but what I remember most fondly are the messy steamed crab houses. Ask for a nearby cheap and good crab house. I would eat them on a bench outside in the cold until my fingers turned blue, crab juice soaking through the layers of paper "tablecloth".

          And fresh, cheap oysters they shuck right in front of you inside Fells point market. Not too far, you can also take the water taxi there.

          Living in Washinton D.C. where things felt sort of soulless, heading up to Baltimore for some real down-to-earth feasts provided some relief.

          1. If you are looking for landmarks and light dishes(fish),
            Phillips Seafood has been in Baltimore since HARBORPLACE has opened, I think over 25 years. Other not to miss locations Pierpoints in Fells Point