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Healthy Options in the Inner Harbor - Baltimore

I will be on a work assignment, and staying a few nights in the Inner Harbor (at the Harbor Court Hotel on Light St.). I will be by myself, and there a few nights.

I am looking for good restaurants that I can find healthy options on the menu. I have been doing too much business travel, so I am trying to stay away from the huge plates of fattening food.

Otherwise, if there is a restaurant, that I absolutely shouldn't miss (a true Baltimore Landmark, or something very Chow-worthy) let me know also. I can certainly make an exception on the diet for a worthwhile experience.

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  1. http://www.roysrestaurant.com/

    also any seafood...like Legal Seafood....

    if you want a really great place to eat, try Birches Restaurant http://www.birchesrestaurant.com/# easily accessible by cab.641 South Montford Avenue

    1. Liquid earth is more Fells Point.
      Bhttp://www.vegdining.com/GetRest.cfm?rk=US-M... there is a vegetarian juice bar that is quite good

      1. There's a few things in Federal Hill. If you can get there before it closes (I believe 7), there's Cross Street Market, which is just up Light Street. They have a bunch of interesting options and a good scene as well. http://www.southbaltimore.com/shop/cr...

        If later than that, nearby is Metropolitan Wine Bar, Coffee Shop, and Restaurant. Good wines and some healthy things on the menu. http://www.metrobalto.com/Dinner%20Me...

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          Second Metropolitan. Great place.

          Also, would note that the restaurant in the HarborCourt (Hampton's) is really good. Pretty pricey but very very good.

        2. Seafood is healthy, yes?

          Two words. Maryland crab. Or is it Baltimore crab? Crab cakes are delicious, but what I remember most fondly are the messy steamed crab houses. Ask for a nearby cheap and good crab house. I would eat them on a bench outside in the cold until my fingers turned blue, crab juice soaking through the layers of paper "tablecloth".

          And fresh, cheap oysters they shuck right in front of you inside Fells point market. Not too far, you can also take the water taxi there.

          Living in Washinton D.C. where things felt sort of soulless, heading up to Baltimore for some real down-to-earth feasts provided some relief.

          1. If you are looking for landmarks and light dishes(fish),
            Phillips Seafood has been in Baltimore since HARBORPLACE has opened, I think over 25 years. Other not to miss locations Pierpoints in Fells Point

            1. Oh, please, I apologize bladesmith, but original poster DO NOT GO TO PHILLIPS. It's gross. It's totally nasty seafood prepared poorly. Most things there come "pre-made and frozen" the "chef's" there are just re-heating food. When it first opened, it was just OK, but has gotten progressively worse.

              However, on topic - The James Joyce Pub (down by pier 6 near the Marriott) is a nice choice also, within that same block is a nice sushi place, right next to Whole Foods, but the name is escaping me at the moment.

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                Chiu's Sushi!
                OMG, Phillips sucks big time. They don't even use blue crab meat, it's an indonesia "swimmer crab".

              2. In my opinion, the Baltimore not-to-miss landmark is Faidley's crabcakes. Faidley's is located in Lexington Market at the corner of Paca and Lexington.

                If Phillips were located somewhere other than Baltimore, I would go there. But there are too many places to have seafood in Baltimore to waste your calories on Phillips. It was on this board that I learned that Phillips doesn't even use all Maryland crab.

                1. Yes, avoid Phillips at all costs. They do not even use blue crab in their crab dishes. Afghan Kebab at Charles and Lombard is cheap, healthy, and good.

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                    Spent a lot of time in DC, so experienced (although haven't actually been there personally) with the Phillips phenomena. Not altogether a horrible recommendation, but I will probably find something better (and there are tons of great recommendations. Thanks a bunch!)

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                      Afghan Kebab is a very good recommendation. I'll second healthy and good, but not exactly cheap considering it is a real hole-in-the-wall kind of place with counter service. They make a terrific roasted vegetable salad that comes with the platters. The salmon is a good choice. And it is within easy walking distance of the harbor. (Which is more healthy than a cab ride ;-))

                    2. Helmand. 2 birds with 1 stone.

                      1. As a concierge in Baltimore Maryland I want to point out that you are RARELY going to find Crab Cakes or Hard Shells (In Baltimore) that are actually from the Cheasapeake Bay. The crabbers crabbed it dry several years ago and that is why the whole Save The Bay program started. So when I see post like "DO NOT GO TO PHILLIPS" maybe you should really be informed and call all the restaurants who serve crab and ask them truthfully where they are getting their crab from. Usually from down south. Or in Indonesia (As far as lump crab goes) It's just too expensive to get crab from Maryland. and its killing off the crab production. If you want good hard shells go to L.P. Steamers in Locust Point. They will honestly tell you they do not get their crabs from Maryland because they are aware of the situation. Get your facts correct before posting things about restaurants.

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                          Unlike some here, I don't have a problem with blue crab from the Gulf. Phillips, however, uses a different species of crab from Asia.

                        2. The crabmeat at Phillip's is not fresh, it's pasteurized. They have their own fishery and cannery in Thailand and market the output somewhat deceptively at wholesale across the US as the same as MD crab. When you look at the can, it says MARYLAND style BLUE swimmer CRAB so it seems at a glance you're getting Maryland Blue Crab--but it's a distant cousin that looks fabulous--big snowy white lumps...but doesn't have much taste. Since it's on the order of $7 a can and needs no refrigeration, restauranteurs everywhere buy it and it's putting the MD watermen out of business. And their and Philips' crabcakes convince zillions Bawlmer crabcakes are no big deal. Walk six blocks up Eutaw to the Lexington Market stand-up raw bar at Faidley's and get the best crabcake in Baltimore, in three grades.