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Jan 25, 2007 06:29 AM

Chinese hot pot anyone?

Does anyone know of good chinese restaurants in Calgary that serve hot pot? I lived in China for almost a year and just loved it! Can't seem to find any restaurants here that serve hot pot the way they do in China....big steel bowl in the middle of the table - waitress pours in hot broth and brings you raw vegetables and meat to dump in at your leisure...if you know of such a place in Calgary that does the same thing, let me know!

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  1. If you can't find any restaurants, another option is going to someplace like T & T's and buy your own pot and burner, and pick up the sauces, veggies, pre-sliced meats, shrimp, fish balls, etc. yourself. Just use some pre-made stock and you're set. You should be able to find the scoops there too. Do-it-yourself hot pot is great for a family dinner at home.

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      china is a big place.... one place may serve hotpot one way, and others may serve another

      Just like DimSum. When I was in HongKong, you could not find DimSum after about 9am... it was all over.
      had to get up real early for good breakfast

    2. I haven't been out for hot pot in a while, as I have been having it at home lately.
      There are a couple of places in Chinatown:
      - Treasures of China
      - Regency Palace
      Outside of Chinatown:
      - The restaurant in Pacific Place (T&T market) - I can't remember what the restaruant is called
      - Sun Chui Kee - on Centre St, though I beleive that the names been changed

      I can't think of the other places, but I would give the restaruants a call, just to make sure that they are serving hot pot that night

      1. There's a new place in the little mall where Han's and that small food court is (on Centre St- City Centre? I think that's what it's called) in the space that fronts Centre St, it has gone through many many restos and now actually has "HOT POT" in its name, so I'd suggest you check that out.

        As tubtub mentions, there are actually at least four other options. Calgary has some awesome Chinese restos.

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          Just a heads up
          Treasures of China actually folded early 2006 so don't go there...
          For a good place in Chinatown - my fav - try Regency Palace...especially if you might be brining some people that may not neccessarily share your fondness of hot pot - they're a huge restaurant so on one end, you can choose to enjoy a Chinese buffet with an extensive selection of westernized Chinese food and on the other side of the restaurant, the hot pot selection is extensive, with about 10 or more choice in sauces, veggies galore, lots of meat and seafood to boot!

          All you can eat for both the buffet and the hot pot for everyone that goes.

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            Forbidden City (in the Pacific Place mall on 36th st. NE) has an all you can eat hot pot that is pretty good. I believe they offer the hot pot most nights with the exception of Saturday when they may be doing banquets. The hot pots are a winter thing - starting around October and ending in the spring April/May.

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              I know this is an old thread so just checking if anyone knows about Forbidden City's hot pot now. Specifically which days it's offered, and if there's an AYCE option. Thanks!

        2. well, if you live in new york city.. theres a nice hot pot place it's called "Big SiChuan", they have excellent Sichuan hot pot.. it's a little pricey, but the stew is completely extremely very original! you will defintely love it.. it's in the corner of canal, where theres a temple next to it. you can see the manhattan bridge..

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            Isn't it obvious that she is asking about Calgary?

          2. Also outside of the downtown core is Happy Hill Restaurant at 806 Centre St. NE. I had their hot pot before a recent renovation and it was quite good. However, since the renovation the quality of their other dishes has gone down so I wouldn't be so quick to recommend it now.

            In Chinatown, I think I've seen hot pot at Silver Dragon and Bobby Chao's, too.