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Jan 25, 2007 05:34 AM

Penny Cluse, Burlington VT

I've long heard locals rave about the breakfasts at Penny Cluse Cafe in downtown Burlington, but even though I live here, I'd never been there, until last Friday.

My wife was having early morning surgery, so once she was admitted, I had time to look for breakfast. I was planning to go to Henry's Diner, which never fails to satisfy me. Instead, I decided to try Penny Cluse.

Big mistake.

Rubbery blueberry pancakes, drastically overcooked bacon, skim milk that wasn't served properly cold.

Maybe it was an off-day. Hope so, because if this is the norm, I wonder what all the fuss is about?

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  1. I didn't have the pancakes but both times I was there during the summer, I had some sort of vegetarian or cheese omelet. They seemed quite good to me although the prices ($7 or $8) could be considered high. My companion had various house specials, once waffles and once eggs, and liked them. I would try again and order something different.

    1. I've been there once, around a year ago, and had a thoroughly pleasant blueberry pancake breakfast. Hopefully you had an off day, since I was hoping to go back at some point.

      (Although, if I drive all that way, I usually am more likely to go to Smokejack's for breakfast)

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      1. re: kaszeta

        Smokejack's serves breakfast?!?

        I did not know that. I gotta get out more often!

        What's on the Smokejack's breakfast menu? I'd bet it's not run of the mill.

        1. re: signothetimes53

          I guess it's technically brunch:

          I've had the pancakes, the heuvos rancheros, and the benedict. Plus a few random specials.

      2. I've been there three times and have gone away unhappy twice (the happiness resulting from a fairly well done huevos rancheros.) But in general...overpriced, overcrowded, and outclassed by many other places within a few blocks....well two.

        1. I went to Penny Cluse in January while visiting Burlington. Both my friend and I really enjoyed our breakfasts. I had the gingerbread pancakes, and she had a special that was a pear french toast with a tangerine curd. Both were really good. My only complaint was that the pancakes made me feel really ill after eating them. I think that may be a funtion of my stomach not being able to handle all that sugar. Other than that, both meals were really good.

          1. My husband and I have eaten there twice for breakfast/brunch. I had a salad both times... both very good. My husband had some sort of chicken sandwich the second time that was not only rubbery but was not cooked through all the way. We haven't been back since. If we go out downtown, we usually go to Leunig's for brunch.