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Jan 25, 2007 04:34 AM

Haggis in downtown resto on Robbie Burns?

Where can I get a haggis dinner?

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  1. Shocking perhaps, but I know that Spirits Bar & Grill are having it this evening.
    (on Church just S of Bloor, next to Princess Grace Hospital on the W side of the street)

    1. Had some pretty good haggis at Duke of Westminster in First Canadian Place. But then I'm no expert on the subject.

      1. Pogue Mahone @ Yonge & College is having it tonight.

        I wouldn't endorse it though, the atmosphere and food leaves much to be desired.

        1. We just bought one tonight from Crawfords Scottish butchers- I'm looking forward to it!
          ( no, you can't come to my house & this post is useless to you.)

          Let us know where you went!