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Breakfast in Richmond, VA

Hi all,

I'm new to the board and looking for a good breakfast place in Richmond. We will be vacationing there in April (Easter weekend) and we're staying at the Omni Downtown. Easter brunch recommendations are welcome too! Thanks, Joni

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  1. The brunch of all brunches in Richmond is the Sunday brunch at the Jefferson Hotel. It's quite a spread and quite the cost. I believe it's $38 per person and reservations, especially for Easter Sunday, are very necessary.

    Definitely go to Millie's and Kuba Kuba for great breakfasts. Also around the downtown area near the Omni I might suggest Cafe Gutenberg and River City Diner. Both are in Shockoe Bottom just few blocks east of the Omni.

    1. I second the recommendation for Millie's.

      1. I also vote for Millie's but be prepared to wait on the weekends. Have a bloody Mary or mimosa and be patient and then order the Devil's Mess. Zeus Gallery Cafe on Belmont also does a very nice Sunday brunch.

        1. There is also a great breakfast at Strawberry St Cafe--here is their website:


          1. Joe's Inn in Bon Air has a great Sunday brunch buffet from 9AM to 2PM. And, of course, there is brunch at the Jefferson Hotel.

            1. Millie's is fabulous for brunch. For a more low key breakfast downtown, we like Perly's.

              1. If you'll have a car for a short drive from downtown, I love breakfast (and everything else) at the Can Can in Carytown. But I also second the recommendation for Cafe Gutenberg. Love that spot.

                1. Easter weekend is a nightmare for breakfast/brunch (obviously if you are going Easter Sunday). The Jefferson and Millies always top the list. I would bet that The Jefferson is booked solid and that Millies will have very long waits. So what to do? I eat breakfast out almost every day. My low key favorites close to downtown are Perly's, Joe's Inn, and Gallery 805. The service is great and they are not crowded during the week. Weekends are always a different story. Closer to downtown, it is not well known, but The Berkley Hotel serves breakfast and is right across the street! I personally don't care for Cafe Gutenberg nor do I think the food quality at River CIty Diner is something I would want to put the "Richmond" stamp on. Instead of brunch on Easter, grab some danish and head to the Monument Avenue Easter Parade!! I also don't think Strawberry Street Cafe is as good as it used to be, once warranting a brunch recommendation.

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                    do do do go to easter on parade. fabulous fun.

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                      slcraft - what/where is Gallery 805? Thanks!

                    2. Well it is about 7-10 miles West of downtown but an adventurous brunch is Dim Sum at Full Kee!

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                        I love Mezzanine for brunch-best shrimp and grits I have ever had, I know The Tobacco Company (who I work for) is open for brunch/lunch for Easter and the entire month of May, and i also enjoy Lulu's brunch. I didn't realize Zeus had brunch, I think I will try it this weekend!

                      2. I second Kuba, Millies, and the Jefferson. I'd add Helen's (in the fan) to the list. Great grits, and it has inventive brunch items plus all the basics. Add to that some good people-watching if you get a seat in the front.
                        Stay away from Strawberry Street Cafe, it's a tourist trap.

                        Strawberry Street Cafe
                        421 Strawberry St, Richmond, VA 23220