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Jan 25, 2007 04:23 AM

Seeking suggestions for drinks and munchies literally right across from a T stop?

So it's going to be 9 degrees tomorrow but I don't want that to stop me from going out after work for a drink. Do you have any recommendations for bars that might have some decent food that are very, and I mean very, close to T stops. I can do the Cambridge/Somerville ones but the only one I can think of downtown is Clarkes which is right in South Station.

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  1. Is it going to be a group or are you going solo? Here's a few suggestions of stuff close to the T. I guess that you can rule out all places in the South End.

    Eastern Standard---Get right off at Kenmore and you're there. Good drinks and food. If you have any rye drinkers in your party, they will be most impressed. The best selection in Boston, hands down.

    No. 9 Park---Right near Park Street T stop. Excellent drinks and food. I would go here if I was going solo, but not really a group place.

    Fairmont Copley---Close enough to the T. Good drinks and decent enough food.

    Publick House---If you're up for taking the C line, I would recommend this place in Washington Square. Excellent beer selection and good food. The only drawback is that you'll have to wait in the cold to catch your train back into town.

    Redbones---Here's my red line suggestion. Right near Davis Sq. T stop. Solid beer lineup and decent grub. The only drawback is that it's a bit far.

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      I thought of Eastern Standard as well. It's litterally right outside of the Kenmore stop. Great drinks and bar food.

      The Publik House also came to mind for beer, but like Chrispy75 said, you'll be waiting outside for the train back home. Of course with enough beer in your system, the cold may not bother you so much.

    2. I wouldn't totally rule out the South End. Right near the Back Bay stop on the orange line are several places. Delux is about 2 blocks on the Clarendon St. side of the station. On the Dartmouth St. side are Clery's, Brownstone and Douzo where I really like to have drinks and sushi. Also across the street in the Westin is Bar 10. Good luck and stay warm!

      1. Harvard Gardens on Cambridge St is about a block up from the Charles/MGH T-stop. The food is good, and the bar gets a nice after work crowd.

        1. Kinsale at Center Plaza is right across the street from the Government Center station. It's a pleasant place to get some drinks and munchies too.

          1. Teatro - Boyston T Stop on the Green Line
            Douzo - BackBay Station on the Orange Line

            Similarly, you can take the Orange Line to Back Bay and use the underground tunnel to get to the Pru, to then exit on Huntington to hit Brasserie Jo or exit on Boylston and hit the likes of Abe & Louie's.