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Jan 25, 2007 12:03 AM

Bocuse d'Or -- is it televised?

Is there any TV coverage of the Bocuse d'Or chef competition?

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  1. FN has showed it in the past, but usually several months later.

    1. I don't think FN shown it in years. Unless Bocuse add an element like decorating rice crispy treats; or perhaps if Rachel Ray is competing they won’t. Because it involves actual chefs and some real cooking.


        This is a link to the Time article about the Bocuse d'Or-- "..the Real Top Chef". I hope there will be some coverage, *some* fuss made. But not too much...

        1. What are the dates of the contest?

          1. I think it started on Jan. 23, and it is finished now. The French chef took the gold medal. Even the Bocuse d'Or website doesn't have much detail.