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Jan 24, 2007 11:13 PM

Please eat the daisies - flower bouquets that Chowhounds can chew on - Edible Arrangements?

In the SF Bay Area Edible Arrangements which carves flowers out of fruit for bouguets is opening a lot of shops.

They have over 600 shops in the following countries: the USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Puerto Rico

The shop smelled like pineapple, but I've never tried this company's fruit flowers. Are they any good?

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  1. They're popping up like weeds (sorry, couldn't help it) in Raleigh, NC also. I don't get how they can manage their cost of business. It seems like the product has very limited appeal, even more limited opportunity of usage, and a high labor and perishability factor. There's no ability to control consistency since the quality of your fruit wll vary from one day to the next.

    Anyone have any idea how this business model functions?

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      I assume these are marketed as business gifts. As such, they just go in breakrooms and are eaten first by whomever is most desparately hungry. Food in breakrooms will disappear even if no one will admit being the eater. So I don't think quality issues are going to matter much.

      I had actually hoped we would get one this year during the Christmas season of gorging, but alas, only cookies and pie and cake and nuts and chocolates and muffins and fudge....

    2. They're all around the DC area, too. My grandmother received a small arrangement from EA last year and loved it (as did all the others who helped her eat it.)

      1. I am somewhat grossed out by cut fruit sitting around for hours gathering bacteria. I also find the displays quite tasteless. I'm pretty amazed that the company is doing so well!

        1. The fruit is supermarket uality which means it is bland and so-so year round. People like it because it is actually fairly dependable but never awesome or even great. My sister always brings one for the holiday. I don't know what the pricing is like but I doubt I think it would be worth it. That being said, if your overall goal is to get people to eat fruit it works. Complete magnet for both the children and grandmas and a ton of it gets eaten.

          1. rw, In NJ the EA's are very popular. My personal experience is a mixed review.

            My family & I enjoyed the pineapple very much. Strawberries had been sweetened (I later learned by soaking in honey water) and tipped with mini marshmellows to help impart sweetness. The red grapes were firm but the melon, honeydew & cantaloupe def. under ripe.

            I have since ordered pineapple flowers and chocolate dipped strawberry baskets as the occasional office gift (however, not my preference for family or friends). The presentation is consistently good but the fruit quality can vary depending on time of year. The pineapple seems to be the most consistent in terms of ripeness.

            Regarding biz model, they are HQ'd in PA with franchises throughout the country. Have you visited their company website?

            At close to or over $100.00 per order-EA's quality control should be first rate.