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Jan 24, 2007 10:56 PM


I having been thinking about this wonderful, yummy cheesy delight for a while now. Would love to know where to go, where to get the best cheese and the best of your recipes. Thank you. I have a dinner party this weekend for the best of my Scandinavian friends.

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  1. I've always enjoyed the cheese selection at Whole Foods. While your mileage my vary, many cheese-station workers at Whole Foods are quite knowledgable and will let you sample their wares.

    1. the only place i find it near me is trader joe's.

      good foods for raclette include the usuals like ham to be warmed on the grill top,
      boiled potatoes
      thick onion slices with caraway seeds sprinkled on
      we've even warmed some sauerkraut on the grill top and enjoyed that on a plate with sausages, onion with caraway, potatoes, with the cheese over all. delicious.

      have fun.
      as so many things taste good with cheese you can use most anything that sounds good to you.

      1. Definitely BH Cheese or Silverlake Cheese Shops would carry it. May even have some ideas for using it!

        1. Bristol Farms on Rosecrans has it as does the Ralphs on La Brea and 3rd St...and I am sure Surfas carries it as well as Raclette melting units (if you don't have a fireplace going!)

          1. um, you do realize that while raclette might taste good, but its smell whilst cooking is something close to stale ass? are you sure that your guests have had raclette before? they might not want to visit you again afters.

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              Dear Rosei,

              We are all european - we can handle it - and we might just like that smell....