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Jan 24, 2007 10:51 PM

Old way of "xxxx" replied to "yyyy" is better than re:

The old way of showing the poster and who is being replied to was better. The poster's name needs to be at the top of the post instead of the end. I don't like scrolling to the end of long posts before reading them just so I can know who is "speaking."

Thanks for taking into consideration the preferences of the users. Looking forward to improvements as the days go by.

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  1. I would agree with the scrolling down for the poster being a problem. I don't mind the reply to being on the right top of the frame, but could you put a box around it? The way that the text of the message flows around the "re:xxxx---^"can be confusing.

    1. Yes, yes, yes. Please put the poster's name at the top of the post, and restore the "replied to" piece.

      I read a thread yesterday where I had to scroll down FIVE TIMES to find out who wrote a long - and wonderful - nested post.