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Jan 24, 2007 10:38 PM

What should I get at Cut?

Going to Cut on a business dinner Friday night. A lot of dishes sound great, does anyone have any personal recommendations to help narrow down the menu a bit? Thanks!

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  1. The whole reason to go to cut is to try the kobe beef. Then narrow it down by the type of cut you like. I personally like lean meat so I opt for the filet vs. a rib eye which to me is very fatty.

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      I have heard great things about the kobe, but what about the other steaks? Also what about the appetizers and desserts?

      1. Had a great dinner at Cut last night, I'll try to keep this as short as possible.

        My friends were 30 minutes late but the hostess was very gracious about it and did everything she could to make sure we would still have a table as the entire sidebar was packed with walk-ins hoping to score a table. Got a chance to see a few of the sidebar menu items passing as we waited, must try the kobe beef sliders and fries next time, they looked delicious.

        I cannot say enough about the food, over the top, rich and decadent could sum up just about everything we had, this place is perfect for a special occasion or just a splurge when you're in the mood.

        Our waiter and other servers helping out were very friendly and knowledgable; made good recommendations whenever we asked. Cheesey breadsticks were addictive (I'm assuming Parmesan was the cheese sprinkling) also a complimentary basket of gougeres, warm & cheesy, what's not to love?

        Wine - we ordered a bottle of Mendoza Malbec from Argentina, I have to say I'm not extremely knowledgable about wine but we all agreed it was very good.

        Apps: I had the bone marrow flan - great presentation,served with small toast triangles to spread the flan and quenelles of chopped mushrooms on (after re-checking the menu online, they call it mushroom marmalade), I loved it, SO had the maple glazed pork belly, very fatty and tender, just how we like it our pork belly. Friends shared the butter lettuce salad, the lettuce was perfectly fresh, great chunks of buttery avocado and wonderfully pungent Pointe Reyes blue cheese, a great pre-steak salad.

        Entrees: I went for the Kobe rib-eye, my first time trying real Kobe beef from Japan, VERY rich, flavorful, perfectly cooked, I could barely eat more than a few bites so half of it is sitting in my fridge right now. I wouldn't get it again just for myself but maybe a Kobe steak to share for the entire table beacuse it is so decadent or I'll try the American Wagyu which is a cross between Black Angus and Japanese Kobe with more beefy flavor according to our waiter. SO had the Nebraska NY strip, also very beefy and perfectly cooked. Friends shared a bone-in filet, I normally do not like filet because I like fatty cuts like rib-eye, but this one was the most flavorful and tender filet I've ever had.

        Sides: We didn't know when we ordered, but the sides come on separate dishes from the steaks so you can share with the table family style. I ordered potato tarte tatin - did not look how I expected but very good, mashed potato with chunks of potato wrapped in a crisp pastry shell. We also had Yukon gold potato puree, not as smooth as I would have liked it, not chunky, but kind of grainy, like a puree I suppose, I'm sure it would have been perfectly fine had I not had the most perfect velvety mashed potatoes at Stonehil Tavern recently. Sauteed wild mushrooms were excellent, a variety of different mushrooms, not exactly sure what kind, but shittake was one of them and then for veggies, the braised winter greens which included swiss chard and escarole among others. Our waiter said the greens were sauteed in olive oil but I swear it was too good to be just olive oil, maybe the chef snuck in a pat of butter as well.

        Desserts: Chocolate Souffle with chocolate sauce, creme fraiche and hazelnut ice cream; and pear & huckleberry crumble. I preferred the chocolate souffle, the crumble was a bit too tart for my tastes. We also wanted the banana cream pie but they were out for the night.

        Total Tab for dinner for 4, 1 bottle of wine, 2 glasses of wine, 2 red bulls (for my tipsy friends) + tip = $800. Definitely a lot of cash for 1 meal, thank goodness I didn't have to pick up the tab, but the food, ambiance and overall experience makes it worth it in the end. Perfect for your "blow out" meal.

        1. KOBE beef

          Lobster and crab 'cocktail'

          Butter lettuce salad

          Banana cream pie (non-traditional, w/ vanilla bean - you'll be pleasantly surprised)

          Molten chocolate bread pudding

          1. These are the items I dream about having again (which may or may not ever happen... the company paid for this dinner excursion):

            -Lobster and CRab Louie
            -Bone Marrow Flan (no one at table wanted it so I devoured my self) the parsley salad really cut the richness of the marrow.
            -Asparagus salad with poached egg and bacon vinaigrette(put poached egg on anything and I'm eating it!)
            -The pork belly was perfect!
            -The grilled lobster with the Truffle sabayon... have to eat roe w/ that sauce!
            -Rib-eye Kobe, with all the lovely side sauces ... all I had was 2 bites

            Cause there were so many delicious side dishes:
            -Braised swiss chard (which was really creamy)
            -Potatoes Lyonnaise
            -Sweet corn
            -Sauteed mushrooms

            Items I wish I didn't eat so they didn't take any more room in my stomach:

            -Foie GRas pave--- too sweet!
            -A tuna tartare dish that I see is no longer on the menu, maybe it was a special something from the chef, but all it tasted like was ginger.
            -Short ribs, it was very tender and succulent but I didn't like the flavor combination of the spices used
            -and all of the Desserts. They brought out one of each on the menu and they all underwhelmed me after such a spectacular show of all the previous courses.

            5 ppl, and bit over $1000 with tip, bottle of wine, several glasses of champagne, few cocktails and 5 Ports to finish the evening... lots of things comped.

            You see why I may never have this experience again?