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Jan 24, 2007 09:41 PM

anyone know of any good delis in the downtown core

Love Corned beef, does anyone know of a good deli in the downtown core of toronto.

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  1. There's the Corned Beef House on Adelaide (between John and Peter). I've never been, but I've always been curious. It just looks so absurd (in a quirky, good way) in the middle of clubland. But it's been around for a long time. I would be curious to hear a review.

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      I personally have never eaten there, but I used to work down the road (right beside where Avalon used to be) and the guys in the building were regulars at Corned Beef House. They loved it. Now, I never asked them details, but they seemed to enjoy it well enough.

    2. Whatever you do, don't go to Shopsy's at Yonge & Front. I used to work in that building (and across the street), and every so often someone would want to meet there. I still have nightmares ...


      1. The Corned Beef House sells Lesters smoked meat (same as Centre St), but they don't hand cut the meat and don't have Centre Street's other (often very good) cooking. In short, they make an edible (but not special) deli sandwich and don't offer anything else in particular.

        You might enjoy it enough if you happen to be in the vicinity and don't have high expectations. It isn't worth a special trip from anywhere.

        I'm a deli fanatic and perhaps my expectations exceed those of many other Hounds, but I don't think any downtown deli is especially good.

        1. Is their any Toronto deli carrying the 'Quebec Smoked Meat' brand smoked meat? That's probably the best commercial brand of Montreal smoked meat available.

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                I heard that there's a Calgary deli using the Quebec Smoked Meat product. So I assume if a Toronto establishment want it, they can obtain it.

                1. re: BLM

                  I know they make Smoked Meat Hot Dogs and I have tried them. Hot dog casing stuffed with smoked meat. You dont want to know....

                  1. re: deelicious

                    Quebec Smoked Meat has a location at 1889 Centre Street in Montreal, where they sell & make all their smoked meat & all their other products(including their smoked meat hot dogs). I don't think they still do, but they use to supply the smoked meat for Smoked Meat Pete(one of the best smoked meat delis in Montreal).

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                I can't say if they do anymore....but the Loblaws at Laird and Moore (Leaside area just south of Eglinton) used to in their deli as customers asked for it. But, I haven't been there in 6 years so I have no idea if they do anymore. You could call them and ask.

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                  There are two Loblaws in the area and you are confusing them. Both used to have some unusual characteristics but, for the most part, they aren't special anymore.

                  A former manager at the small 50+ year old Loblaws at Bayview & Moore used to go out of his way to make his customers happy and would special order stuff all the time, but this guy (Vas Christof) died years ago. (I remember Dave Nichol shopping at this store in the early eighties.)

                  The big newer Loblaws at Laird and Redway (just south of the CPR tracks) has a takeout section that used to be operated by Movenpick and had different food from the Loblaws store itself. They still make real rotisserie chickens at this store, but it is otherwise unremarkable.

                  Loblaws seldom allows its stores to order things not on their regular inventory list. The standard issue corned beef, smoked meat, pastrami, and other deli products available at these stores are highly processed, chemically cured, and made from unusual cuts of meat (i.e., Montreal smoked meat from round). Don't bother.

              3. I don't think there are any good delis in downtown TO. If you find one, let us know.

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                  Honestly...I don't know where itis, or if it still IS...but Wolfie's or Wolfy's was AMAZING. I always went there whenever I frequented Toronto. Let me know if anyone else has heard of it!

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                    Wolfie's is in a strip plaza on Sheppard west of Bathurst. Standard issue Lester's and nothing special. It's OK if you are passing by, but not worth a special trip.