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Jan 24, 2007 09:10 PM

old potatoes...

i'm not proud to post this, but curious...

i've had some potatoes sitting on my counter for a long, long time (since getting them from the CSA in november). they're looking somewhat shriveled and are not quite firm. some are growing those little barnacle-thingies... but i made some soup and threw in a couple of them. (i hate to waste and as a result, i'm hoarding, i know). anyway, they were fine.

or were they?

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  1. yeah I use those shriveled up guys or soup too....mainly if I need it and its the ONLY potatoes I have. Same with very wilted goes in my soup or stew.

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      Not to scare you, but you should read up on toxic compounds that can be found in old potatoes. See the wiki link, below.


      1. my grandmas both had a thing called a root cellar where they stored potatoes and cabbages all winter. granted, that would be cool and dark unlike your kitchen counter but . . .

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          pitu- Interesting thing for those days, that the root cellar was almost as important as the ice box. (Yes, I mean a wooden box that contained a block of ice.) Thank goodness for the invention called a refrigerator!

          My granny in 1974 insisted that whatever new place they would build, or move to, better have a root cellar. Or as far as she was concerned, the world would come to an end.


        2. Potato grower-consumers in the Andes, the area of origin of potatoes--stored potatoes in cool, dark places in their homes for long periods with no problem. Sunlight on potatoes and onions, however, induces a greening that is not particularly good for you.

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          1. re: Sam Fujisaka

            LOL- I never thought of it as weird till now- we still use our root cellar at "the Farm" for storing potatoes (home grown, of course).

            Works 100%.

          2. I used some similar looking potatoes (against my will - my mother insisted as they had been grown by my brother-in-law) in a celery root potato mash at Christmas - tasted good and no ill effects.