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Jan 24, 2007 08:55 PM

Providence anyone lately?Photos?


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  1. Last Saturday - sorry no photos. Fantastic meal, great service (I actually thought the meal was not THAT expensive compared to what I've been reading on CH re: Cut etc.) Only go however, if you're seriously into fish (but you probably already knew that.)

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    1. Thank you very much! How were the desserts? Did you order the tasting menu?

        1. We did not order the tasting menu. I'm not as an adventurous fish eater as my spouse, and both have to participate in tastings.(I guess that speaks even more highly of the restaurant - I prefer a juicy steak anyday!) The pastry chef (can't remember name) is known for preparing inventive desserts - and they were. Hubby and I shared a frozen banana 'capsule' filled with caramel frangelico - had to try it for the novelty factor, and it was quite delicious. THey have more trad'l desserts as well like pana cotta and a chocately thing. And then as we left we were given a small plate of housemade chox & caramels - which we boxed to take home. Nice to enjoy the next day.

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