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Jan 24, 2007 08:45 PM

Best of California Rec for a Cajun Visitor?

I have a cajun chow friend into visiting and where do we go for dinner Saturday night?

I'm looking for someplace that will show off the best of California, in the East Bay, preferably in Contra Costa County....someplace that will knock his socks off!

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  1. What kind of place are you looking for?

    Prima in Walnut Creek comes to mind, and maybe Pleasanton Hotel, but not sure if that will "knock his socks off".

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    1. re: Bryan Gros

      I'm looking for someplace that really showcases the best of our local bounty, flavors and style. Someplace fun but not fussy, casual but not too casual! No pizza, burgers or take out. Definately sit down with a good local wine list.

    2. Not a lot of sock-rocking east of the hills. Drive through the tunnel and go to Pizzaiolo. Great food in a laid-back, only-in-Oakland atmosphere.

      1. Prima is what immediately came to my mind as well -- CoCo County is somewhat of a wasteland. Robert has a greatidea -- come through the tunnel: Berkeley and Oakland await.

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        1. re: zin1953

          There's currently not a single restaurant in Contra Costa County with food that justifies a drive through the tunnel. Some might say that Bo's or Casa Orinda are, but you're not likely to impress a visitor from Louisiana by taking him to a barbecue or fried-chicken place.

          Pizzaiolo's just a few blocks off 24. Take the Telegraph exit.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            Actually I would say that Lily's House in Lafayette more than justifies the drive. But unless the cajun friend is looking for a fine Shanghainese meal and you know how to navigate the ordering, maybe not.