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Sushi Catering for a Wedding

Looking for a quality sushi caterer that will send a chef and sushi bar for my wedding. Already spoke to Innovative Dining ( sushi Roku) and they are a bit on the steep side. Any other recommendations? Wedding is near downtown- Chinatown Area-thanks

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  1. I am curious. How steep was it? How much was Sushi Roku?

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      min 30 per head- plus 250 for the chef- plus 20 percent service charge plus tax- that was for basic sushi- minimum order was 1000

    2. Totally unrelated to your search but I thought I would add that I have never had quality sushi at a wedding, even when I knew the price was high. 1) The volume dictates lots of pre-made sushi which makes top quality impossible. 2) Caterers will never buy top tier fish because most guests will not know or care. 3) Catering conditions (heat, space, light) are sup-par for sushi making. So...either resign yourself to rolls and lower tier products (whatever the caterer is charging) or move to another fish option that works better for catering (raw bar, shellfish tower, etc).

      1. this is so interesting b/c there are still many people who don't eat sushi - what do you put on your invitations for guests to check - cooked/uncooked?

        i think it sounds like a really neat idea and i'd love to do it - but like judiau says - it won't be fresh and some people may be put off by it.

        1. Actually, the 2 weddings I have been to that had a sushi bar only served it during the cocktail hour, so guests that did not like sushi just avoided it. At one wedding, the sushi chef was making it instead of having tons of pre-made stuff, which made for long lines, and actually was still not that great. However, people thought it was the greatest.

          1. It is addition to a large variety of passed Hordevours - so its not just sushi, food will be paced over 4 1/2 hrs- just passed food- only thinking the sushi for the first two hours

            1. Someone in this town has to know of quality sushi place that does a portable sushi bar?

              1. try the Olympic Collection Catering...their offices are at the olympic collection at sawtelle and olympic..they do awesome awesome catering, and I'm sure cheaper than Roku

                1. I've had pretty good sushi catering by Kamiyama


                  1. Winner Of BEST OF LA Super market Sushi Drum roll...... DAIKICHI SUSHI @ MITSUWA at 3rd and ALAMEDA

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                      Yes, that's a good idea... I'm sure they do Sushi Plates that can be taken to a Wedding...


                    2. Thanks- This is a good start- Anyones else have a recommendation?

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                        I recommend taking a look at craigslist.com or gohuman.com

                        Community Resource Websites.
                        I've been pretty lucky with those site.

                        Good Luck

                      2. I have seen a party have a live sushi chef and have a display refrigerator holding about 4 platters. The display refrigerator had description cards. It allowed the guest to enjoy fresh cool sushi from an enclosed display refrigerator. I though that was a good idea. They even had fresh oysters..yummy!

                        1. You can talk to the girls at Azami Sushi Cafe on Melrose. I know they have done it in the past.

                          1. I would suggest you talking to Mori Sushi on Pico. But it depends on the level of sushi you're looking for. Mori is at the creme of the creme and pricey, a level above Sushi Roku but call him and see if he can do somethng that can fit your budget. It wounldn't hurt to ask.

                            1. FYI - I remember discussing this with Niki at Azami and she said they no longer do catering.

                              1. You could also try contacting Tom Sagara at Boss Sushi. http://www.bosssushi.com/ Not 100% certain if they do catering, but I would not be surprised.

                                1. Rude Awakeningz Sushi Catering, Irvine CA. Chefs with over 10 yrs exp. Weddings and all other event large and small. I'm quite sure not as steep as Sushi Roku yet justas good if not better.
                                  Call 714-323-1719 for priceing, menus and availability.