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Jan 24, 2007 08:04 PM

Upscale Super Bowl Party with food?

Does a party like this exist in San Francisco? My friend would like to watch the Super Bowl but in a surrounding that is more upscale than your ordinary sports bar. I let him know that I don't think San Francisco throws a party like that... maybe in Vegas or LA or something... Anyone have any suggestions for my Super Bowl enthusiast friend?

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  1. Personally, I detest all Orwellian mass displays of testosterone fueled sports insanity. Er...sorry. Anyhow, why not rent a hotel suite with a wide screen TV and cater a party for friends and relatives? The only reason I'm even responding to your post is that I just discovered an absolutely wonderful caterer (GREAT lox!) They're in Marin and serve the whole Bay Area. Avi Cohen is the owner. You can see their menu on the website.

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      Does that mean you don't like football? :)

      1. re: chocolatetartguy

        Possibly niki has had a change of mind in a year.

    2. screw upscale-- I mean --- yer just gonna get ranch dip and hot wing sauce all over your tuxedo.

      Go see the super bowl at a movie theater that serves beer!!!!
      Sunday, February 4

      The SUPERBOWL on both screens!
      $2 party fee, start time TBA.

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      1. I know.. I know.. I feel pathetic for even asking...

        1. My friends and I went to T-Rex for brunch several times last year on Sundays to watch a morning game or two and have a nice eye-opener. Apparently they are considering doing something for the Super Bowl--their lunch and dinner menus have received mixed reviews here, but it would definitely fit your desire for more "upscale" than your ordinary sports bar. Unfortunately for you, it is in Berkeley, not San Francisco.

          Another place that might be up your alley is Acme Chophouse, right on Willie Mays Plaza at the ballpark.

          1. Ask at Seasons at the Four Seasons. Not sure but there's a bar area with TV.